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i think whatever 64bit work was done was some mild shit for riscv?

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im not entirely convinced that inferno-64 is 64bit

it looks like a liminal state that i showed to my RE pal who says its like a fever dream

seeing rax etc in files named comp-386.c is setting off my "ok whats really going on here" sense

having trouble building 64bit inferno even on 9 so fork time i guess

nothing new yet

vague plans
- 64bit 9 fix? or document if im just dense
- osx 64bit + x11 win.c instead of outdated quicktime.h
- retheme everything
- mess around with octopus integraton

damn, no osx port for the amd64 objtype let me fiddle with some stuff here

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i've reached the threshold where setting up a simple, nicely-organized http file library/directory and git server is much easier for me to conceive of in 9 than openbsd

how do you all get along without bind, listen(1)/tcp80, git9...

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i went to go download the releases and it looks like the server has fallen over, lol. let me know if anyone mirrors it somewhere.

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oh hey :)

"We are thrilled to announce that Nokia has transferred the copyright of Plan 9 to the Plan 9 Foundation. This transfer applies to all of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs code, from the earliest days through their final release."

haha oops

actually its pretty worrying that this is possible

i think if people want exodus away from mainstream browsers there should be more web content that does not work with them

i don't mean specifically deliberate targeting and breaking via css edge cases, more standard breaking: codes in posts become anime girls dancing, <yuri> tags, sigils indicating resources public to everyone... e-except you...

ad-hoc introduction of heterogeneity moving faster than google staff meetings shatters myth of browser as universal substrate able to handle all

(so i mean, technically it is taking a subshell that is acting as a fileserver and presenting it within the current namespace, rather than having an entire iso live in memory for random reading access between processes - still the composability is blowing my mind)

@ed you may find this an intriguing example of namespace usage

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someone the other day said something about pipes not composing well, which i vowed to contemplate on

anyway, while working on something i noticed a section in the 9front fqa where it mounts a subshell's standard output as a filesystem:

mount <{9660srv -s} /n/iso /path/to/9front.iso

We Deserve Better Operating Systems


haven't been posting much due to being in my own little world, but for the people that like sharing mixes this one is giving me the energy to work today:

especially the track that starts at 47:00 ꩜_꩜

have i really made 2 thousand posts on here or is it counting likes / boosts as posts too? that seems like a lot but maybe i really am going that hard

i just want to keep 32bit compatibility to run old bell labs stuff and thecatamites games

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a sufficiently old osx install just becomes twisted gentoo as homebrew makes me compile everything and manage dependencies

(to be clear this isn't a value judgement, the space pen and the pencil both work, i just find different approaches to the same thing fascinating)

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at my job we end up looking at a lot of extremely niche programming languages that we aren't familiar with and don't have much of an ecosystem around them

my coworker tends to write plugins for syntax highlighting for the new languages - having highlighting and then suddenly not having it is definitely jarring

i use acme with no syntax highlighting so i never have it anyway so i don't miss it when using something new

feels very "nasa engineered a space pen, soviets used a pencil"

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