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There needs to be a Snarf character (not-so-subtle hint, @rek)

@neauoire hey i've been trying to run left in uxn - is it working? I downloaded the repo but can't get the .tal to build. (The left repo is in my uxn directory)

With all the avalanche of note-taking apps, digital garden generators, zettelkasten, gollum, and god knows what else, when I come to write something I usually just open Left.

Just watched Naoko Ogigami's wonderful film Rentaneko (Rent-A-Cat), about a woman who rents out cats to lonely people. Recommended if you can get hold of it.

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@tindall is open-source and lets you connect an account where the data is 100% yours, i use it like a zk

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after an hour of troubleshooting with @bd, who would have thought that the bouncing dvd would bring such pleasure? @neauoire

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