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What a shitshow YouTube has become. A guy in a Swedish band that I know is trying to share a private video of one of the band's performances with me from his channel, but the content has been hijacked by a bullshit DRM company that claims ownership of content that it doesn't actually own, blocking access to it (as here) and hitting content creators with monetary claims for copyright violation. So many things wrong here that it's hard to know where to start - DRM, YouTube, copyright law itself.

"At the recent [chess] Olympiad in India, some players were surprised to have their heads scanned by electromagnetic wands. One theory doing the rounds was that organisers were looking for devices hidden in teeth."

Playing around wth Retropie this weekend - anyone recs for sourcing roms? I haven't done it in a while.

Noto Sans is better than Roboto. But you knew that. So what is better than Noto Sans?

It seems that one problem with distributed systems is that they depend on people on the network having large amounts of local storage available to host distributed content. I typically have to work with less than 10Gb local storage and had to delete my SSB database a while back. I tried reinstalling it again recently and it immediately began soaking up what little space was remaining with 1700+ messages from just one pub server. What I am I doing wrong, other than not having a bigger local disk?

@thomasorus I'm v late to the BD party but came across the Librairie Le Petit Roi in the Passage Jouffroy in Paris a few years back and went down the rabbit hole from here.

Lessons learned:

1. If you don't have a phone with cellular/wifi, you're basically fucked: trains, taxis, Covid testing...

2. An iPhone - yes I still have one - is functionally useless offline. On a 12-hr flight, I was unable to play even supposedly downloaded tracks on the Music app without paying for in-flight wifi (I passed).

3. Cash is no longer accepted in many places. In London, a gelato shop only accepted orders via terminals.

4. Don't even get me started on chargers and adapters.

After several months of international travel and wrestling with tech devices, I've developed the concept of "network dependency" as the malaise of our time. Therefore, kudos to anybody working towards offline lifestyles.

I thought I'd aced it by coming to the UK after the wall-to-wall Jubilee coverage was over, but now I have to deal with the wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage. Well it was cool in 1971 I suppose.

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