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@neauoire how close did you get to Bikini Atoll on your trip up from the Marshall Islands to Japan? I'm struggling to get Orca to talk to Tidal - installed ORCA2Tidal but not sure where to go from there - should I go via udp or osc? Not clear from your desc how to trigger sound events in Tidal from Orca. Any recommendations?

A lot of the usual suspects are already in - Satie, Nancarrow, minimalism, Deep Listening, Eno, Scanner, industrial, microsound, black MIDI, ambisonics, algorave - but what else?

Currently brainstorming for a book proposal about "extreme listening" - what comes to mind?

I've also been following the chipmusic scene since attending BlipFest in Tokyo in 2012, which is when I first came across Devine's work as Aliceffekt as well a lot of other people in the scene, some of whom I've interviewed (Bitshifter, gwEm, Omodaka). Other interests include black MIDI, microsound and Onkyo, mallsoft, field recordings, etc.

Happy to be aboard, virtually if not literally!

Hi, all, my name's Martin. I'm a film/media prof in the US (originally from UK), with research interests in electronic music. I'm not a coder, but am interested in the developing algorave/ live coding scene and have started dabbling with Sonic Pi and Tidalcycles (I've also been enjoying some of the recent experiments with Orca on that front).


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