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hello! i'm dom, a visual artist with a day job in video games. lately i've been practicing composition, long-form writing and animation. i co-run a game jam and a horror-centric music duo.

he/they – 28 – berlin – vegan

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Looking to listen to some new music. Any great artists online whose albums I can buy that anyone recommends?

digging up the classics today. zombelle & m¥rrĦ ka ba – tropocalypse

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690 bytes? Nah. 609 bytes. Here’s a little post about Ara’s CSS:

general advice from my dentist who has been wanting to hang out with me a lot lately

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oh I didn’t toot this pic of MNT Reform 2 beta doing business

first lesson learned using a fresh win10: you can't change certain task bar / icon settings without activating a windows license. this one came preinstalled so i'm going to have to hack the registry to get rid of that speech bubble notification graphic. off to a great start

switching from macOS to windows, inaugurating this laptop in style

i took the bus to work and when i looked out the window i swear i saw this happen

two weeks into journaling with a basic text file:

wrote ~3500 words, reformulated goals, mineralized new habits, discovered patterns between sleep / food / work / mind, achieved a more grounded sense of self

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finally got the book. a true game changer for instagram

starting a pen friendship to get over my personal drawing block. one doodle over coffee for as long as it takes to make it fun. posting this to make myself accountable, results will also be added in replies

wouldn't it be metal to get really into rust?

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pouring one out for all the good ideas i lost to proprietary guidelines today

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