say my name three times in a bathroom mirror and i'll be on your podcast

weed store clerk: ah, yes, ferrari piss. the one and only for when you lose your car keys

you got some nerve diggin up all three of us buddy

for some reason i posted an art vs artist grid on twitter and now i feel like taking a shower

dom boosted "Esh's Aurunmilla", an animated FMV laserdisc game from 1983 I'd never heard of. The protagonist's constant non-lipsync'd ad-libbing reminds me of the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons.

strongly considering setting up a mastodon instance with the only purpose of roleplaying as generic badly written dark souls NPCs

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if your snare doesn't look like this then what are you even doing

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though i think first gonna play with some minor updates, pending making a whole new theme @dom gave me some ideas for colors to maybe enhance the existing one to be more accessible in the meantime

i'm back on mastodon, as twitter remains overwhelming and mostly terrible for my brain. massive thanks to merveilles for having me!


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