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hello! i'm dom, a visual artist with a day job in video games. lately i've been practicing composition, long-form writing and animation. i co-run a game jam and a horror-centric music duo.

he/they – 28 – berlin – vegan

easing into my week off with a queer cowboy dress-up game in phaser.js

ten thousand showed up to protest in berlin *and* we raised a million bucks with games today. incredibly proud

mental health update 

continuing this thread for context. i'm feeling quite similarly but i think over the past week i've found ways to cope a bit better.

getting psychotherapy in my area is near-impossible right now but i'm taking every possible step towards reducing stress. taking lots of time off asap. this is still new and scary to me, but the reality is that i've been exposed to stress and trauma for years now and this is my body responding. take it easy where you can, everyone

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pete explores the mysterious tunnel in his bedroom

sketching out a few shots for what'll likely turn into a series of very short animations. i felt like recording some real life bass guitar for this one

i intend to keep energy usage low on my new website but so much of what i'm showcasing only works as video or gif. not sure how to go about this.

embed a still image with a note to click through to the full-size or video?

embed the actual footage and issue a content / load time warning on the index?

a user-side checkbox for loading in large images and video instead of low-quality previews? (this one's the sexiest to me, but also a bit complex for my level)

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i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:

almost done with the most basic (read: elegant, approachable) iteration of my website yet. here's a peek at some of the stuff i've worked on

still populating it with project images and deeper-layer pages, which will take a while, but jekyll is making this fairly easy

new ride – specialized sequoia elite 2017, if i'm not mistaken

took it for a ~30 km trip out south of berlin today. i had no idea how much i missed being with nature and moving around

my personal website is brutally outdated but i don't feel like updating it until i've stripped it of all the bloat.

still looking for the sweet spot between "this website is ethical and efficient" and "this website looks good"

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lots of new friends

i've been getting into sound and music more over the past few months, the process hasn't mineralized at all yet and mostly consists of digging samples. but it's so fun to experiment with these microscopic sketches

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mental health update 

had a run of light misophonia (discomfort around certain sounds) that started months ago.

it got more severe, to the point where i'm now completely overwhelmed by a specific set of grinding / clattering sounds. like a sharp stab, or bright light, can't even think or talk when they happen. i'm having trouble touching certain objects and textures too. sensory issues, ocd, post-traumatic stress? no idea.

seeing someone about this now, hope this gets more manageable

started work on an animated series in the realm of cute atmospheric horror.

a boy befriends creatures who take him on a journey out of his overprotective life. probably going for really short episodes that are mostly song visualizers.

still out here working on that game, trying to get as healthy and happy as possible.

i've been journaling for almost three months now and i'm on day 71 of my daily illustrations (so many i haven't shared here yet, look forward to a doodle dump)

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