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hello! i'm dom, a visual artist with a day job in video games. lately i've been practicing composition, long-form writing and animation. i co-run a game jam and a horror-centric music duo.

he/they – 28 – berlin – vegan

still out here working on that game, trying to get as healthy and happy as possible.

i've been journaling for almost three months now and i'm on day 71 of my daily illustrations (so many i haven't shared here yet, look forward to a doodle dump)

tough times as i'm still dealing with chronic pain and new medication. love to pop in and read what people are up to, but right now i'm focusing on improving what i can for myself and sticking to my daily rituals

please, just leave... try keeping your hands out of jars

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Have i done it? this is my voice intro! this is me reading my favorite short story--we lived together in the belly of a whale//some nights were perfect. its kind of long but i do truly love this story

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So, what is personal knowledge management? TLDR, it's a process of organizing your tasks, thoughts and information important to you, so a fairly useful practice.

by @karlicoss

today i had my mouth extensively drilled, injected and reworked around in. this is precisely what i felt like after.

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pic of me enjoying precisely 1 cup of coffee (while i draw precisely 1 doodle)

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