german-french TV show arte TRACKS did a segment on my game studio crows crows crows and some of our projects. i love this show and it's an honor i got to talk to them about our work!

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some advice for when you're getting filmed for a tv show: talk to them in a language that's not the one they're broadcasting in so they have to dub it and you get to have 2 voices

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@dom William's second voice sounds so stern and serious (at least to a non-German speaker :p)

Want to play your other games now!

Baguette version:

I've been loving this show since I'm a kid (some memories of young 5yo me hidden behind my parent's couch because the opening was frightening me).
Also, we're lucky to have this amazing and badass narrator in French since the 90's, Chrystelle André!

@dom Saw this episode yesterday at lunch by chance. You guys are doing a great job, looks like you're having a lot of fun! Arte Tracks was the access to counterculture back in my provincial youth - how cool that they visited you!

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