toying with the idea of only serving 'high quality' images on demand, to reduce energy usage when accessing my website.

i mostly do visuals so this might be overkill but here's a test: 358 kb jpg down to 24 kb png via mogrify, using floyd-steinberg dithering

pretty sure that atkinson (above) preserves more detail at the same resolution.

mapped to colors this strikes me as a nice way to have a drastically more efficient and stylized way to showcase screenshots. my only issue is the gameboy camera look that doesn't work great with all of my stuff, but higher res images might solve that.

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at full hd resolution (atkinson, 52 kb) we're more in the realm of newspaper texture and less in the obra dinn. i think i'll try this approach with different thresholds and palettes!

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see also: image dithering algorithm previews via WebGL

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@dom god, ordered dithering looks so aesthetically pleasing to me

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