starting a pen friendship to get over my personal drawing block. one doodle over coffee for as long as it takes to make it fun. posting this to make myself accountable, results will also be added in replies

finally got the book. a true game changer for instagram

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i took the bus to work and when i looked out the window i swear i saw this happen

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general advice from my dentist who has been wanting to hang out with me a lot lately

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in the meadow — what in the meadow? bluebells, buttercups, meadowsweet, and fairy rings for the children's feet, in the meadow

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extremely honored, thanks to all my supporters, couldn't have done it without you

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actual picture of my friend tom meeting a primordial dog

pic of me enjoying precisely 1 cup of coffee (while i draw precisely 1 doodle)

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today i had my mouth extensively drilled, injected and reworked around in. this is precisely what i felt like after.

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please, just leave... try keeping your hands out of jars

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@dom I’d really like to have some of your art for our home... is that possible?

@flip glad you like it! so far i've only got vague plans for a book with all of them but might as well look at some print-on-demand services. can't sell originals because they're either digital or literally just snapshots of my sketchbook.

@dom Taxes: going about the kingdom, giving money to those in need, tending to the sick and elderly, maintaining roads, and educating children while rich white men seek to eliminate them.

@dom Both good and bad in their own ways. Been enjoying your drawings, I especially like this one.

@dom I like this one a lot. I'd hang it in my apartment

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