released a little racing game with team minit today! $3, all proceeds will go to charity, forever. first up is doctors without borders.

made over the course of a month, i did art + animation

if you'd like to give minit fun racer a spin but for whatever reason can't afford it right now: message me, i have a few steam keys left, no questions asked. (windows build only)

@dom Gonna get it on itchio, just a heads up, the TRAILER button doesn't do anything. It's just a <a> tag with no href.

@dom Windows only?! Danggit, who still runs windows in 2021.. Game looks great :) Is it GameMaker?

@neauoire @dom Sadly me because people keep releasing windows only games I want to play :P

@dualhammers @dom It works great in Wine, it crashes if I try window mode. Otherwise it's perfect :tealheart:

@neauoire it is gamemaker (studio 2). that's also why it's so tricky to port, haha. more platforms soon i hope!

@dom I just bought it anyways, I'll try it on Wine emulator see if it works :)

@neauoire so glad you like it! had a ton of fun making it (:

@dom Saw it earlier today looks great will try it in a sec n.n!

@dom Wooo! Congrats for releasing this - I'll try it very soon :D

@dom Cool! I loved minit, this seems like a cool concept too. Good to hear it works with Wine :)
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