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My name is Robert, and I am new here, but not new to the . I use to run, but decided to shut it down to streamline my life a bit.

I desire for technology to embody hope and inspiration, not slavery and capitalism.

In 1984, when my dad plugged in the c64 to the Zenith television set, my imagination was captured. Has been ever since.

Thanks for letting me find a new home here.

Didn't expect to see Bauhaus on the Good Luck Chuck soundtrack

Trying to find inspiration to do my homework. Seems like I have lost is for the day. Perhaps when the sun sets I will find it.

Spent some time in my backyard yesterday. A friend recently sent me this nugget: "Harvard naturalist Louis Agassiz once said that he had spent the summer traveling. Then he added that he only got halfway across his own backyard."

You know back in the day we used WIZARDs to do hard stuff easy on computers? Is that still the right word? Has it been replaced?

My main workstation is 10 years old running Pop_OS. I just love it. I am a big believer in reuse/repair. However this motherboard has taken three lightning strikes and the onboard NIC is toast along with most of the USB ports. Doesn’t matter as I installed more via the expansion slots. Now however the system has just become less stable. I might need to get some big items parts and repair the guts. However being ten years old makes that a little difficult without replacing ALL of the guts.


I love programming when I have had a drink or two. Makes my mind flow a little freer. I tend to get out of my way. I might have to come back and re-factor it a bit, but that's what code review is for!

Watching Poltergeist. Realized that the opening scene would be lost on my children. I don't think they know that broadcast TV used to go "off air" and play the national anthem at the end, let alone have ever seen television snow!

I wonder how much time in the last 7 months I have lost to the question, "Can you see my screen?"

I am so happy! I accidentally popped out my trackball and consequently was able to clean it out. It is back to better than new! It was behaving so poorly that I stopped using it. Glad to have it back.

Pretty sure my life would better if I could remove all moves and shows tagged 'dystopian' in Netflix.

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hi my name is megabyteGhost and i make music and other digital media arts at

everything i create is creative commons and free.

Every time that Killing Joke's Eighties starts playing on my headphones I get excited that Joy Division is about to play, then I get sad when I realize that it isn't. Then I get happy again because I love that song too!

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