Didn't think my next #blog article would be out so soon, but here's one on #typesetting or #typography on the web and why blindly adding plugins to your site is not a good idea. 🙃


@celia does that have to do with the font not supporting the ligatures the plugin converts to?

@tychi I'm not sure...

@kev's comments appear to use "fira" font -- which surprisingly is what I also use, albeit the "Sans" variant.

It might be that the included font might not have all glyphs for performance/optimization reasons?

@celia @kev hmm, I'm not sure either. I use Fira Code in my terminal though, so we're all aligned on Fira being an excellent family 😊

@tychi @celia I’m using Fira sans condensed. It’s just called “Fira” in my CSS. I’ve had issues with ligatures in the past and resolved the issue in my style sheet with “font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures;”

I’m thinking about replacing Fira. It’s a beautiful font, but it’s like 80% of my homepages size. It’s really heavy. Plus, the ligatures thing. I just need to find a sans font that’s as nice.

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