We gave my son a launch pad ( and a MPK Mini MK3 ( I loaded up a machine wtih Ubuntu Studio thinking that it would have plenty to use and play with in terms of software for those devices. Alas, I ended up having to put Windows back on the machine to get Ableton working for him (it's what he is used to) and I am sad that I couldn't find any great resource on getting them working with Linux; anyone got any links that might help us?

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@draft13 Only DAW that I know of running on Linux rather well is ardour. Reaper has experimental builds as well.
Maybe it's worth a shot to write a mail to the founder, Gerhard Behles, and ask him directly.

@draft13 bitwig runs great on linux, it's really similar to ableton so i doubt your son would be lost using it

@draft13 bitwig. It’s basically Ableton made by ex-Ableton devs for cross platform. Seems to have some nice features too.

@draft13 novation also used to publish a programming manual for the launcpad that documented the hid interface and all the messages it would send/receive so you could always write your own :p

@draft13 also I hear Ableton has good wine support for some versions.

@jameschip Price tag is a little steep. Let's see if he keeps up the hobby first. :) However, Bitwig definitely looks like great software.

@draft13 to be honest Ableton is really good. It is the only bit of software I miss from moving to linux. Shame it’s not open source.

@draft13 @jameschip I hate that so much music software is still closed source. Especially grid based DAWs (Ableton and bitwig being the only two I know of that really work well with the grid controllers). I'm doing live looping myself and the Ableton Live trial creates files the Lite version won't open. It's like being back in the shareware days again.

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