There is nothing wrong with missing the target.

Just keep aiming for it.

Looks like I retreated into a cave for a few weeks.

I like having social media but when life gets me down I withdraw a lot of my connections, mostly hang out on a discord server, and just play video games to escape for a while.

I’ll be ok, just recharging.

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Wow, the last episode of Kurzgesagt is one of the most beautiful shorts I've ever seen. :tealheart:

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Next up: Sargas on the Pi 4 with nixOS.

Got nixOS setup in under 2 hours on my desktop. I'm getting faster :D

Fixing the registration view in Procul. It broke when I rearranged some stuff, good thing I’ve got version control haha

Waiting for packages must have wasted more time for humanity as a whole than sleep does.

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Hia. I'm Alexandria. You may know me from the Slack or from such projects as:

Koios - a universal database-free file tagger

Zhmenu - a robust featureful dmenu-like replacement and input method

Wisp - A fast, smart, lispy HTML output language

SpotifyC (WIP) - C Interface to the Spotify Web API and Spotify command line client

Boosts would be deeply appreciated as more users = less bugs.

And since Sept 19th 2016 I've spent 3.664675 months asleep. Though apparently I've spent 7.067 months in a position that caused my watches to think I was in bed.

Since Feb 2nd 2016, I've walked 18,822,613 steps.

Assuming a step length of one meter on average that is 18,822km. Most of the steps were taken when I was at my last job where I averaged between 20,000 and 40,000 a day.

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Iterating over the design of a circuit to simplify components and decrease cost and board size is very satisfying

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If you want to liberate your Amazon ebooks from the tyranny of DRM then there is a great program called De-DRM that has a plug-in for Calibre which will strip it out when you import them.

It works on Kobo and other stores DRM as well, which is great if you want to read them on a Kindle or literally anything else.

I hit inbox zero for the first time in years today. Wondering how long it will last.

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my brain: you have got to stop taking on new projects if you want the projects you're already working on to live up to their full potential

also my brain: you know what would be cool, though?

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