qemu networking is trivial in Linux but I lose the ability to use the miniDP port on the laptop thanks to it being tied to the dedicated nvidia GPU which means I can't hide it in my drawers at work and switch to it's output when the clients aren't around.

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Finally got my W98 VM running well in qemu, even in Windows, on my laptop.

The more I spend time inside the VM the more I realize that PC's back in the day really ran on absolutely nothing in terms of processing power.

I'm emulating a Pentium 3 at full speed with very little noticeable slow down on an i5-3320M, a 10 year old mobile processor.

The only issue I'm having now is setting up a shared folder. Can't find the magic set of options that allow me to bridge the qemu NIC and the host yet.

I could spend a few hours playing around with trying to get the VM working but most of the solutions I found are for VMware which I don't want to pay for. The other option is QEMU which would emulate an entirely different CPU, I'll have a look and see if it can do something like a Pentium 3.

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Moved my Win98 VM from my 10 year old laptop to my 1 year old desktop and now it's broken because apparently Ryzen CPU's can't virtualise a CPU from 1999 because (quote from a reddit thread) "AMD Ryzen CPUs have a different TLB setup for addressing 16bit and 32bit at the same time. Windows 98 SE was programmed for this and it crashes".

It really would easier to just buy some old hardware and set it up on my workbench.

Old tech is cheap, I bet I can build a fast Win98 computer for under £100.

Was looking up how to do PSX dev stuff and it recommended using Win98. I haven't used it in almost 20 years so it's interesting to see just how much more user friendly things have become since then.

I did try to go to my website in the VM but Win98 has no idea what an SSL certificate is so I tried the first site that I thought of that is still served via http and found that the emulated display is only 16 bit which makes images look like this (also scaling is apparently not a thing)


Tried to install and use Debian on my laptop this morning.

Installing the drivers for it's old NVIDIA card broke everything. I tried both the open source and closed drivers but Cinnamon is now in a state where it can't be taken out of fallback mode.

So now I'm back on the Windows partition.

Got some of my C site generator working now. Next up is figuring out how to select only a small range of elements to pull into one page from another.

I want stuff like the latest journal post, blog entry and most recent wiki edit to be on the index page but I don't want to have to copy paste them everytime...

Been looking for equipment for LoRaWAN experiments and it keeps turning up shit related to cryptocurrencies which seem to be trying to hijack it to peddle their stupid token bullshit as a way of paying for the "data" over networks.

Cryptobros just can't leave anything alone can they 😠

@neauoire Or perhaps, "kaotlaod". I'm using the lietal.rom to try and figure it out.

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@neauoire Is there a way to write Lietal words using line forms? I see some on your wiki but I couldn't find a guide on how they are supposed to be made.

I want to create a glyph meaning 'deceased' (I think the word would be "oldak" in formal adultspeak) as a marker for my past fuzzy companions and didn't want to use any of the existing religious iconography (or just write the word deceased).


Whenever I have a meeting with with my apprenticeship assessor, I get very anxious. I know I'm doing well and they told me as much but there is always a kernel of 'you screwed up and now you will be yelled at' nagging at the back of my mind.

It's frustrating but it no longer paralyzes me into inaction like it did back in school. Back then I was very down on myself and it caused me to not try, thanks mostly to several teachers who criticized everything I did even when I tried my best.

My first blog post! I did a project that motivated me over the past month and I hope that the space I have now will inspire me to stay motivated.


I actually really miss this phone, it was super thin for the time, has a sleek design and even had wireless charging all the way back in 2015.

If I had to design a phone that I wouldn’t mind using for the next 20 years it would look like this with the ability to replace the camera sensor.

Found my Nexus 5 while rooting around in boxes. The back cover had lifted up and I found this little danger pillow inside!

Decided to give Music.app a go on my fresh Monterey install.

It refuses to show more than 12 albums even when I copy them out and back in again to the music library. The folder also can't be on a network share for "reasons" (I have no idea what they are).

Back to cmus I goooooo

The Japanese releases of GameCube games are so cute! I picked up this version of Windwaker recently and absolutely prefer it to the golden cover western release.

One of the fun things about the building at work is that it has automatic lights. I’ve learned the exact polling interval for the parts storerooms sensor so when I go in I always snap my fingers right as the light comes on.

It never fails to make me smile.

My journal now has a linkback to Neon Kiosk. I initially put it at the bottom but felt it needed a little more prominence.


Haven't used my github account in almost 2 years, had to recreate SSH/GPG keys since I lost ones on there already.

Updated my goals page with the last couple of years and the reviews that I penned but never added to the site. Feels good to have the urge to update things again.


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