Last night in this house, in my room with just a mattress and a thinkpad running Arch. I’m going to miss having a dedicated Ethernet jack in my wall.

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Finished packing the last of the loose items today. Gonna kick back and play on the switch tomorrow, maybe take a big nap as well.

My dream keyboard:

- Ergodox-like layout
- Bluetooth LE
- Inductive charging in the base of each half
- USB-C connector for fast charge/hardwire connection
- QMK firmware support

Now I just have to build it

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The collective output of writing, tools, music, and other creations of Merveilles is remarkable. I get so inspired when I scroll through our feed. I love this place.

About three quarters of the way packed now, inventory is up to 360 items though I’ve skipped several boxes from under the bed. I’ll add them when I sort through later.

Feels (-) 

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In 10 days for the first time in my life, I’ll be renting somewhere to live. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Super8 memories exist in between the background noise of the universe and the info text of the VCR.

It’s larger than the Adafruit breakout but I have full control over pin pull ups and circuit layout. Working on electronics projects I’ve found that, for me, being able to layout everything in a big mess and tinker with it helps me understand it more. I’m not someone who can look at a schematic and see how it all fits together yet.

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I just spent 8 hours troubleshooting a PCB and it turned out that I was off by 0.2 volts of input power...


The boards came in today, I guess if you complain about shipping then things magically appear!

Now to do some testing :D

I’m probably going to be moving house in the next few months, not by choice, so I’m thinking of taking hardware mod commissions. I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron and Dremel so if there are any modifications that you would like done to a Gameboy or other console, send me a message.

First post from the Pi 4B!

Compiling Procul takes a little while but it's pretty fast considering I'm building VSCode from source and installing apt packages at the same time :D

Gonna have a fun weekend setting things up and testing with this!

Next time I order PCBs I’m selecting the fast shipping method. Having to wait 15+ days is not fun D:

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I'm dehydrated. I'm not panicking.

— Minkot Shaliglogem, militia commander

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