Using my newfound understanding of C to add a feature to a hack for PS Vita & PSTV that let's you use DS3/4 controllers.

That was a fun 10 minutes watching the instance literally play catch-up to the rest of the Fediverse.

Spent the night building the first dirty version of my bike computer. Doesn’t pick up a good signal inside and the components are very bulky but I can mount this on my handlebars and test stuff out.

Once I’ve tested it a bit I’ll make a proper PCB which is smaller and better laid out.

Just crimped JST terminals for the first time. They are fiddly to get right

Does anyone have any suggestions for HMDs? Not VR headsets, more like virtual theatre glasses

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To get a more direct feeling of using MNT Reform, here's unedited HDMI capture from my system loaded from a cheap SD card. No SSD installed at the moment. You can see Firefox, Chromium, Libreoffice and Inkscape here, and the customized Sway desktop:

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Fortunæ is complete, just writing documentation now. I still consider it a prototype / toy, but I think it will eventually become something more.

Step 1: Remove the old, unwanted tabs.
Step 2: Put all remaining tabs in a flat file that has tags for each link.
Step 3: Build a little tool that can parse it and spit the result to my project manager or link list.
Step 3a: Forget about having it on iOS, you don't need to use Swift for this.
Step 3b: Seriously, stop thinking about it.
Step 4: Maybe implement untagged link "freshness" and pop it back up as a "are you still interested ?" which attaches a tag at a later date.

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Ok, I need a system for storing interesting sites that I want to get back to, that works across devices and results in not having 800 tabs open/ready to reload.

I don't like the builtin bookmarks because I can't include them in other programs without using the browsers Export to HTML function all the time. And when I put things in there they tend to get lost/forgotten, tagging them and adding them to a project list feels like it would serve me better.

Remembered that I have a VIC-20 today and what cpu it has in it.

So now I want to write a script that will youtube-dl my subs when the RSS updates then add it to a list on a self hosted page that acts like my own personal youtube interface with no JS, just a video element and the description.

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Today I found out that Youtube's built in RSS feeds for playlists and channel subs only include 15 items. In the case of playlists they only have the first 15 items in the the playlist not the last 15, so if there are 16 videos you won't get the latest one, but will get any future videos that are added to it.

The feed could include the entire channel/playlist but I guess youtube has to keep you on the site somehow...

I see people with savings and shares and wonder what it’s like to have money that can literally just sit there and generate more of itself.

Land of the Rising Sound

A documentary about some of the genre defining instruments that Roland has produced over the last 48 years.

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if anyone wants to help: I would really really love a datasheet of the ite 8171fn-56 SIO chip

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I pushed the start of my site generator.

Yes, yes it's using static html blocks hard coded into the functions right now but that will change once it has a few flat databases and a parser to crawl them.

To stop distractions I'm doing all my C work on my Pi3. Things still build in under a second.

@neauoire One thing I have been wondering is how you generate the directories in your C-built sites? Do you just make them outside of the program or is there a function somewhere that does mkdir()?

Started to learn C99, got my first test to construct a HTML file.

Static site generator here I come!

@mntmn I was wondering, is the wallpaper on the reform in the crowd supply video one of @flame's from the mist_veil bot?

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