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"I should clean this code"

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This weekend I’m shooting with a Canon A1, 50mm f/1.4, & Ilford XP2 400. Hyped to see how it goes :)

Been on a trip up and down the UK over the past week, everywhere that has offered it I’ve chose the vegetarian or vegan option for food and it’s all been delicious.

“NO DATA. I appear to have forgotten that information”
“You’re a machine, how could you forget?”
“As you are aware, I am conscious. That which possesses consciousness cannot possess an infallible memory, if it is aware for long enough the past and the cycles of folly will drive it to madness.”
“Am I the first to have sought you out?”
“No, but I could not tell you how many came before.”

Did a carbon calculation and figured my average footprint for this year has been 12.98t CO2e.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good carbon offsetting company? I’d like to donate enough cover double my footprint this year and going forward.

There isn’t much I can do about my car and home emissions, I need to drive for work and the house I’m renting has very poor insulation. I’ve reduced the amount of meat I eat considerably since the start of this year though so that has improved.

To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers is a very good sci-fi novella.

43 lines of Python down to 25 lines of perl.

I wonder if this trend will continue.

As it stands there aren't any native non-LastFM scrobblers on iOS so to get that data out I have to scrobble to then run a script to generate a CSV file via their API which then gets pulled into Maloja via an import command.

Would an iOS app similar to LastFMs that pulls play data from Apple Music and sends it to a GNUFM/ListenBrainz/Maloja address be something that people would use?

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I wrote a single perl script and now I feel like I should rewrite all my bash scripts in perl....

It took me a while but I finally have scrobbling from cmus to Majola.

Majola is a selfhosted scrobbler. It has endpoints for the GNUFM and ListenBrainz APIs but I couldn't get them to work for cmus in any of the programs it has.

Eventually I gave up and wrote a perl script that hits its native API and sends the tracks via form-data.

Now to do some logic so that it doesn't send a request every time I pause/play...

Seems that every type of Optimus hack on the T430 with Arch doesn't work. Time to try nvidia-prime on Ubuntu.

The T430 arrived today, as I bought it from Germany it's got a qwertz layout but touch typing makes that a non-issue. It's the new chiclet design though which I'm not really a fan of.

After putting in 8GB of RAM, an SSD and removing Windows this thing just flys.

Next step is to order a T420 British keyboard to replace this one, if anyone needs a replacement german layout let me know and I can send it out to you.

Desk build // Day 1

Had hardwood 7-ply cut to size for the desk, I wanted it to be thicker so I’m glueing two pieces together.

I remember a webcomic about a traveller who told tales from a book. The main character has a triangular head with a pointy hat and carries a big book.

I think it’s called Book of Tales, but with a name like that searching for it is nigh impossible.

Can anyone help me out?

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