Just ordered a set of blank keycaps, need to finish my new qmk config and then my computers will be impossible to use for anyone but me :D

Watched Redline again for what feels like the 1000th time and it still gives me goosebumps. It's probably going to remain in my top 3 anime movies forever.

Seriously. If you have never watched it, please track it down. It is amazing.

“The means to observe other universes has been found by an AI.”

Silence filled the meeting room, save for the strained whirring of the filters.

“Is there anything there?”
“Can we cross over?”

More silence, the whirring heavier than before.

“Her method of breaking through only works because she is able to adapt the observation effect to the new laws of physics. Physical travel will never be possible, a traveller couldn’t survive at the destination.”

The lights flickered again.

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Spending some time this afternoon rewriting my terminal Mastodon client. Learning things again.

Hmm, so now they are trying to add social network malarky to Github...

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I’ve exclusively listened to books on Audible for the past few years. Broke out the kindle today to start reading A Wizard of Earthsea and it feels like my brain is trying to read 3 words to fast.

I think I’m so used to watching videos which throw things you in small fast chunks and audiobooks listened to at 1.25 speed that I’ve forgotten how to slow down and process a page of text.

My mind is look for distractions which don’t exist on an ebook reader.

It’s a little terrifying...

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The MX Browns arrived today, a nice example of Royal Mail not living up to “snail mail” for once heh.

Cut out the holes, some the wrong size and moved the layout slightly.

Having the hand rest in that position and still move comfortably is an issue, mainly because my little finger is not used to being used without the weight of my hand tilting sideways to provide pushing power. Training should fix that.

Ordered some Cherry MX Browns to use in my layout tests for my chorded keyboard, hopefully they arrive before/during the weekend.

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This bus conversion is stunning. So many thoughtful innovations youtu.be/XrHGkm_VyDo

The bed held up by p-chord and iron stays? Brilliant

@neauoire Just did a quick mock-up of the chordboard sketch on cardboard, project is called Twiddle for now in my logs. Dunno if it would need to be smaller for other people as my hands are a kinda large. Would your hand rest easy in that position?

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