It's nice to be able to mirror my Vita screen to my laptop for a larger picture.

Trying to get some basic GBA coding done but all of the graphic conversion tooling is from the mid-00s and windows only, using some dlls that aren't in the version of Wine that is available via Homebrew. Might need to spin up a Windows XP VM...

Deconstructed my entire desk setup. It won't be reassembled until I finish building my new desk.

Procrastination on this project will be cured one way or another, either I'll do it quickly or I will only be using my laptop from now on haha

Biggest things I did last Decade:
2010: Coordinated tech on an actual stage at a theatre.
2011: Finished secondary school
2012: Attended college
2013: The year I spent doing nothing but play games.
2014: Apprenticeship as an IT Tech for a school.
2015: Trip to America, visited internet friends for the first time.
2016: Created first public website
2017: Nothing significant.
2018: Discovered the Merveilles community
2019: Began to design open hardware.

Here’s hoping the next decade is better.

Started the decade off right.

Deleted my Facebook account.

Spent this evening migrating all my email to Migadu, while I like what ProtonMail is doing in terms of privacy I much prefer IMAP folders to their closed system with labels and need for an IMAP bridge.

I can also consolidate all my email domains into one service so I don't have to pay seperate companies a bunch of money haha

I wish banks supported sub-dermal NFC chips. I want contactless payment without having to have an app like Apple or Google Pay or carrying a big easy to passivly read card in my wallet.

Ordered a used OnePlus 6 off eBay this afternoon. Gonna see what the custom Android ROM scene is like.

My last Android phone was a Nexus 5 which I used for nearly 4 years until I got my first iPhone.

I’ve been looking at Android phones to see if any of them look appealing, mainly from the LineageOS compatible list, and I’m kinda dumbstruck by just how many on both the high and low ends have a big company logo right below the screen or physically etched into the back of the case.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an Android phone with USB-C that looks decent?

This year I've listened/read 31 books, mostly fantasy & science fiction. I replaced a number of podcasts that didn't interest me anymore with audiobooks while doing chores around the house and I'm happy with the amount of stories I consumed while vacuuming, dishes and cleaning.

I think next year I'll dial it back though, this year I set a lot of high goals both to challenge myself and as a vain attempt to make myself look busy for no good reason.

Merry days to all, have a good time at your family gatherings or quite time of recovery.

I crashed hard after too many late nights yesterday.

Sleep is required, fiddling with stuff on my server at 4am is not.

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The largest stations constructed by Terrans, these outposts among the stars have developed cultures as rich as any planet

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The Vivascope showed the fabric of lived reality, the patchwork of communities, the seams, the stains, tears, and mends.
"There are a lot of little random stitches here and there," I observed. "What are those?"
"Acts of kindness."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

It appears something crawled into my server and started sending out DoS attacks to the interwebs.

Had to nuke it and start over, my selfhosted stuff is gonna be down for a while D:

EC flashed, keyboard installed. Much nicer typing experience than the chiclet keys for me.

Next big mod will be the screen, converting it from a 1366x768 to a full 1920x1080.

Update: Sent the BIOS dump to a user on the bios-mods forum and for a small donation he added the advanced setting menu and removed the whitelist for WiFi and WWAN cards.

Next step: Flash the EC so that I can use a T420 keyboard :D

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