I don't think I've smiled this much in a long time, my cheeks are a little sore.

This weekend has be a mad time of making friends and meeting people for the first time IRL and learning cool stuff and thinking of MORE projects and interesting conversations and...

Just So Good.

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Suppose I should start packing for Sheffield, early start tomorrow.

So, who else from The Town will be in Sheffield this weekend for AlgoMech?

This has been a week of experiments.

I've dabbled in GBA development with C, worked some more on my terminal mastodon client in Rust and now making the start of a companion app to another project for iOS with Swift.

Holidays are fun.

Making headway on removing old or unnecessary objects from my life. Right now I could probably fit my non-sentimental belongings into 2 large suitcases.

If I ever get a studio there will be a bed in it. Naps are the best.

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I might need to clear out my tabs...it’s gotten to the point that Safari is crashing every half hour.

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Follow my new friend Chris, we’re going to be helping each other out with meaningful uses of software and AR, this first experiment of his is 👌👌👌
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First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder.

A big problem with trying to find resources on GBA development is the impermanence of early 2000's hobby sites.

A lot of the pages that current guides link to are either tremendously broken on the wayback machine or just gone from the Internet all together.

Source code and examples, such as Link-Cable multiplayer code which was already rare, now doesn't exist anywhere and has to be rediscovered/redone.

A baby bird landed on my shoulder as I was leaving for work this morning.

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