This is what I use to listen to music every single day, it's light, resistant, repairable, standard, carries 64GB of music and will play music for nearly 100 hours.

I paid 16$ for it.

@neauoire I got one a little while ago as well, both for offline play and to see how it works I that I could build my own.


@Merristasis @neauoire I got mine from here:

The one that arrived has a different PCB layout from the one pictured but the functions are the same.

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will be interesting to see an updated model of this once the new #BluetoothLEAudio with #MultiStreamAudio support is released. :)
@Merristasis @neauoire

@drisc @Merristasis @neauoire Does it also transmit audio via Bluetooth from the SD card, or is it just a receiver?

Thank you for the link, I'm going to grab one to test now ^^

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