Just looked at some projects on Github and saw that the site no longer advertises a standard git command to copy for repo cloning. Now they encourage the use of 'Github CLI' with the syntax of 'gh repo clone'.

No doubt it's a wrapper around git that will slowly gain features that git won't add because there is no need for them.

They are no longer a 'git hub', they are a 'repo space'.

All leading to the classic, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

I haven't pushed any stuff there for a while because I'm terrible at version control but I'm very glad I jumped to @sir's sourcehut, the direction the Github is moving in now feels creepy to me.

@neauoire @paul @drisc at long last, after years of waiting, we can *checks notes* use git in the terminal

@slisne @neauoire @paul @drisc what in the heck?! welp, sharing to my colleagues to not take the bait with this sketchy extraneous stuff. not that we use github, but still…

It's sad, really. GH had a few really great years. It's too bad it won't have a dignified death.

@drisc GitHub was dead as soon as it was acquired. I find it funny that, looking back, people actually thought that “Microsoft is different now” and that “GitHub will be better”

@drisc What's weird to me is that they've had `hub` for years:

I wonder why they chose to make that again. FWIW, I've always used the hub command `compare`, to easily get into the GH UI for comparing/making a PR. I've never felt like it was an effort to replace git, just an extension that not every git user would need.

@drisc First option under the code menu for me is still http url for git clone.

gh, from, is an opensource (!) tool to handle their metadata. They had hub before. They'd be stupid to become incompatible with plain git - they are by far not the only game in town.

Much more interesting (or creepier, if you like) are their recent GitHub Actions stuff. Basically, they support CI out of the box now, no need for extra accounts on Travis CI, appveyor, etc etc.

@drisc Speaking of which, do you know of any attempt in the #Fediverse (or other distributed networks) in the direction of decentralized hosting of software repositories?

@schmidt_fu @drisc i scrolled down the whole thread to ask the same question/find an answer to it. People were talking about it long ago, but i haven't seen it either.
tbh. it's really necessary. Github is the center of gravity. I can simply raise an issue because i'm logged in anyway... signing up to thousands of gitlab instances isn't really helpful and "Sign in With xyz" is also not the solution. I found, but never heard of so far

@schmidt_fu @drisc maybe should've linked to the actual page that says something like "federation" ;)

Not sure if that is any close the the "Mastogit" or "Gitodon" people wanted to see ;)

@schmidt_fu @drisc
Inside the #FreenetProject there's the possibility to share #Mercurial repositories decentral & anonym.

/cc @ArneBab

@drisc It’s good old Microsoft, just how we’ve come to know and hate them.

@drisc It's about time for all FLOSS projects to host their repos in a more decentralized way. This has been the case ever since M$ bought github. No, actually ever since github started making itself "indispensable". When it comes to infrastructure, we don't need indispensable. We need redundant.

@drisc They show the url, it's obvious you should add git clone to it

Yes… and no. To you and me maybe. But if it were svn or hg ? Is it really svn clone URL ?

Why do they now give only the URL for normal ggfit command but the full one hor their own CLI ?

Don't forget, they have been acquired by Microsoft, an expert in EEE.

@drisc Like I don't understand why anyone is surprised about this when it's been the primary Microsoft business tactic for the last 30 years. Why would you trust one of the big three to suddenly stop doing something that had done nothing but work out good for them?

@drisc I would not be shocked if they started rolling it into TFS as a sort of rebranded and integrated solution to VS.

@drisc today on "things not worth freaking out about": a github API wrapper

it doesn't wrap git

it's literally _just_ an API client

I do not have a need for a public git repo myself, but I have always detested MS and their ways.
Codeberg is based on gitea (which one could also run themselves):

@akkartik @groosha @drisc 🤔 . o O ( notices the reference to SVN when given the URL to a Git repository... )

@akkartik @drisc same, but obviously without SSH option.
There might be some weird A/B testing going on though.


Well what else did we expect when Microsoft bought it

@drisc I'm happy to have begun moving to and remaining command line specific.

@drisc In case you're interested I just started a project to build a decentralised alternative to github:

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