@neauoire Is there a way to write Lietal words using line forms? I see some on your wiki but I couldn't find a guide on how they are supposed to be made.

I want to create a glyph meaning 'deceased' (I think the word would be "oldak" in formal adultspeak) as a marker for my past fuzzy companions and didn't want to use any of the existing religious iconography (or just write the word deceased).


@neauoire Or perhaps, "kaotlaod". I'm using the lietal.rom to try and figure it out.

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@drisc decrease is just liro, do you mean is like a verb? you used the past form. Foliro would be "to make less"

@drisc Oh! haha, sorry I misread.

I usually use vida/voda for life/death. Tovda, and tavoda, tivoda are forms of death. I think if you mean it in something that could be equally applied to a plant or an animal, I'd use Tovda.

@neauoire Cool thanks! If I'm reading that right that translates to "Physical negative organic"?

Is there a writing system for the Lietal that I could make a glyph for Tovda as an svg?

@drisc ah! yes, damn, I've been terrible at maintaining the lietal writing system docs.. I thought I might have had it up online where.

So here's how you'd do it:

@neauoire Nice! Thank you! I love the way that the symbols look and how they fit together to make a compound glyph.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of them :research:

@neauoire I was just about to ask if there was a reason that the stem was facing the other direction

(stem because it looks like an apple stem sitting up there on top)

@drisc yup! that's it :) You can even bring them up closer I think

@neauoire I'm guessing as long as they don't overlap and have a distinct shape you can make them as close as you want?

@drisc yeah, I've mostly ever only written it on paper, I make them pretty tight

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