Moved my Win98 VM from my 10 year old laptop to my 1 year old desktop and now it's broken because apparently Ryzen CPU's can't virtualise a CPU from 1999 because (quote from a reddit thread) "AMD Ryzen CPUs have a different TLB setup for addressing 16bit and 32bit at the same time. Windows 98 SE was programmed for this and it crashes".

It really would easier to just buy some old hardware and set it up on my workbench.

Old tech is cheap, I bet I can build a fast Win98 computer for under £100.


I could spend a few hours playing around with trying to get the VM working but most of the solutions I found are for VMware which I don't want to pay for. The other option is QEMU which would emulate an entirely different CPU, I'll have a look and see if it can do something like a Pentium 3.

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@csepp I want to learn how to make PS1 games, the official Sony dev tools work best on Win98 so I've been devising ways to make it work.

I did get QEMU to run on Windows but the cursor is laggy and I'm not able to properly network the VM to get filesharing working for some reason so I think I'm going to go ahead with the PC build. I've wanted an old PC to play around with anyway. One of the ideas I had a while ago is making some odd Gameport controllers and trying to play old games with them.

@csepp I have a couple of accelerometers that I could hook up to use as the analogue inputs, that way I could move the characters in the games by tiling a hand or maybe have the input on a leg and step in a direction.

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