Finally got my W98 VM running well in qemu, even in Windows, on my laptop.

The more I spend time inside the VM the more I realize that PC's back in the day really ran on absolutely nothing in terms of processing power.

I'm emulating a Pentium 3 at full speed with very little noticeable slow down on an i5-3320M, a 10 year old mobile processor.

The only issue I'm having now is setting up a shared folder. Can't find the magic set of options that allow me to bridge the qemu NIC and the host yet.


qemu networking is trivial in Linux but I lose the ability to use the miniDP port on the laptop thanks to it being tied to the dedicated nvidia GPU which means I can't hide it in my drawers at work and switch to it's output when the clients aren't around.

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@neauoire A PSX dev environment at the moment, the tools that Sony developed are designed for 95/98 and 32-bit.

I also just wanted to play around with the OS that powered my childhood now that I know so much more about computers than 9 year old me did.

@drisc cool :) have fun, I'd love to see what the PSX devtool looks like

@neauoire I'm going to work on getting that running tomorrow. I'll post some pics and maybe a screen recording of the boot up if my laptop can handle the VM and OBS at the same time.

@drisc I won't be able to watch the video but I'll be looking out for screencaps :)

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