I've only mastered Hiragana 1-4, so that's an indicator of how long I've stuck with it prior.

What I learned seems to somewhat have stuck. I know my hiragana characters really well. I know almost no katakana and I've forgotten most words I had learned.

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I'm considering attempting to learn Japanese again.

Many times I've tried learning Japanese or French through Duolingo, but always eventually gave up.

I was thinking about it and while Japanese is more difficult to learn, I'd be more likely to consume media in that language.

Has anyone here learned Japanese another method aside from Duolingo that worked well? I'm wondering if a different way of learning will keep me engaged longer.

Not sure if anyone wants to try this or not, but I set up a Mozilla Hub to hang out in 🤷

I probably won't be on long, but I think the room will stick around forever even if I'm not connnected?


Anyone here have a solid recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds?

I added a personal philosophy page to my site. I might clean it up or add to it later, but it's up now:


@ritualdust I feel like you'll find this amusing. The second time I made this, after I bought the missing ingredients I didn't have the first time, I accidentally added 1/2 tsp of both nutmeg and ginger. It was WAY too spicy.

This last time turned out nice though :)

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I added a Fall Oats recipe to my site (slightly modified from @ritualdust 's recipe):


I think I'm going to try to make a maple pecan version next. I'll post it up once I do :)

Nice, I was able to add a dark theme to my website that gets used if the user has set in their OS that they prefer dark themes.

If you don't know, this can be done with the following media query:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}

So if you have dark enabled on your OS, you'll get a dark version of my site!


@ritualdust I made a variation of your Fall Oats recipe this morning and they are delicious! I had to change it based on the ingredients I had on hand. I'm going to buy ingredients and make one that is closer sometime.

I'll probably make some personal modifications (I like things less sweet) and put it up on my site with a credit to your recipe, if you're fine with that.

I have some ideas for other recipes using this one as a base too, so I'm excited to experiment :)

Thanks again for sharing!

@ritualdust I went to your site because I was interested in your fall oats recipe and was pleasantly surprised to find it's metal af 🤘

I love the various metal logos you've created, and the overall design of your site!

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