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I am a 3D tech artist by day and writer at all other hours. I feel the best eating plants and I feel the worst following someone else's rules.

You will find me musing about being, doing, and how our brains work most of the time.

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Hell is believing
Change is possible
Things get better
Happiness is for you
These thoughts make sense

What does it feel like in your body when you really want to do something?

Dinner is penne and peas with a cashew kale puree sauce

I think I enjoy cleaning on my days off right now because life and work feel so chaotic and it gives me a sense that I can control that chaos a bit

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Relaxing by cleaning up my space 🧹: local_only:

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The Insane Cost of Cars

People underestimate how much owning a car costs by 52%. Even a cheap car costs a fortune to its owner, and yet another fortune to society. Let’s compare it to some alternatives to show the insane real cost of cars.

What’s interesting is that the per-rider cost of public transportation to the government is less than the cost of each car to the government when it comes to road maintenance and so on.

For me, I often end up trying to do something too complicated because I worry about my meals being healthy/incomplete when I prepare them

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What are your "I'm tired but hungry" recipes / meal choices?

A long day that started with a rush to finish a project too big for the past work week and ended with watching a fantastic film (Possessor) with a friend.

I did not walk Sunny much due to the heat. Today I worried he's unhappy but I don't know how to entertain it at home since he doesn't play with toys much. More walks? Maybe move to somewhere with a yard?

I ate my hummus and a bean burrito and drank too many cups of coffee to stay awake. Ended with a beer

What's your favorite thing to make to eat recently?

Either because you enjoy eating it, enjoy cooking it, or both

Cooking without modern cooking devices like a food processor is very different.

Most youtube recipes are worthless

Had a useful and cathartic talk about creativity at work today.

College, grades, and the western capitalist conception of value are all things that destroy play, which is the source of power for creativity and art.

Each one of us admitted ways that process had damaged our ability to be creative.

Anyone who has dealt with anxiety of any kind β€” do you have any recommendations on books or videos or techniques that you found helpful in overcoming your anxiety?

Both in my life and my friends’ lives the topic of anxiety comes up a lot, and I know the fediverse has a lot of people in various stages of life, some of whom surely have successfully worked through their anxiety. I think it would be pretty cool if we could share that wisdom.

One of the frustrating things about living in Montana is that all the cool events happen way out in the forests. The assumption is everyone has a gas-powered car that can get out to those places easily

Do you think you'd ever want to buy a piece of land and build on it?

If so, where?

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Universal time estimate for projects:
About 15 minutes, give or take 6 months.

And for me, specifically. I've spent years of my life trying to force myself to do things that others find value in: first my parents, then the market.

Then I started trying to force myself to want to want to do them, realizing willpower was not enough to keep me going.

Now I am trying to make peace with what my body/mind seems to want to do, which is nothing of value or importance, and brace myself best I can against the fact that the world around me, in general, will not value my life

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Read an article today about two guys trying to start a stock market but for individual human lives

In it they posit this world where everyone is trying to make themselves financially profitable; that being the only type of life which deserves financial support.

More than anything I've read recently it made me feel a deep despair for our species

It took me 3 hours to vacuum 600sqft


It's nearly time for me to do a "does it spark joy" clean up of my possessions

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