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Hell is believing
Change is possible
Things get better
Happiness is for you
These thoughts make sense

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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

If so, once you know a name for a set of rules should you only use the name for that set of rules you originally learned?

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Is a file format just a definition of a structure of rules?

Amazon Workers in Alabama have officially filed with the National Labor Relations Board to hold a unionization vote.

This is huge news because these kinds of things typically only get filed after the union advocates determine that there is overwhelming support in that workplace. There are 1500 staff in this warehouse. Alabama is one of the most anti-union states in the country.

Absolute support for these workers.

It makes a certain sense to work back from our personal observation towards conclusions. Or, more often, to work backward from conclusions and use observation to justify them rather than disprove them.

But the importance of meta-awareness, of shared knowledge, is to open us up to the the realization that our own personal observation is but one experience of the world and not a complete one. Often our observations can be very wrong and that's ok. It's why we need all of us to share knowledge

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Was just reminded of this meta analysis on flossing that showed flossing basically does nothing to help your teeth or improve the bacterial counts that cause bad breath.

The simple solutions are the best: brush regularly after you eat, and use xylitol to starve the remaining germs

Does memory capacity ever factor into the software design question for FOSS developers?

Most programmers I know seem to have exceptional memories for details, which ends up being a stumbling block for end users

Hello! I am Tati! I am currently making a GameBoy game using GBStudio, and make things in Bitsy from time to time. I also love painting with gouache and learning things in blender.

I could not find a Ps/2 keyboard at any of the thrift stores in Missoula :<

My PC build is stalled out because my new motherboard (I think) doesn't have USB peripherals enabled in the BIOS and I cannot get into the BIOS to load boot media.

At least I hope that is the reason. I have to get and test a PS/2 keyboard tomorrow. :/

Built my new PC today and snapped my table leg in the process.

Guess I will be doing repairs tomorrow.

@fribbledom SNAP folders are showing as local devices again instead of special mounting

My diet has been starch heavy recently and I'm feel really good.

Today I had rice noodles with from scratch peanut sauce and it was amazing

AWS outage is prime evidence for why we all need to return to efficient, self-hosted, infrastructure.

I am not software engineer but it seems apparent to me one of the main reasons we use so much server-based software rather than peer to peer software is that the bloat is profitable to the person who owns the serer

Is there a way to use the files from a Windows install and run them in Wine rather than duplicating software installs?

When the universe gives me a new name I will finish my website. I think it is coming soon

My task for today is to assemble my new computer. I made it as low power as I could given my requirements, but I hope someday I can pass it on and use something more efficient.

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