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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

Patreon should be a non-profit worker coop that distributes all excess profit to all creators from the poorest on up

Right now its owners are merely parasites on creativity

It makes me sad how hierarchical we are. The linear nature with which we perceive time is a real fucker

unpopular but true opinion about taste and bodies 

It is imprinted, and thus something you can change with new imprinting. If you say "I just like what I like" when dismissing someone's body you're just lazy

Recovering from alienating all aspects of myself from the true form of play is a long process.

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A life totally devoid of class struggle is one of perpetual play. Things are done purely for the joy of them.

With the rise of streaming, paid reviews, and popularity from discourse about games even the act of gaming itself has become a thing that can be done for profit.

We are "playing games" in a way that is not play

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I heard this thought recently:

"Video games are the most alienating form of art because they are the closet simulacrum of unalienated play while remaining totally at the mercy of capitalism"

And I think I agree

trauma, video games 

I am hearing word that more people are coming out to say they were abused inside of a system designed on the principle that exploiting people for profit is a good thing.

These two are interlinked.

You cannot get rid of one without getting rid of the other.

Semipalatinsk, soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan. Photo: Alain Nogues

Fuck it, I"m doing some abstract watercolors this week

Perhaps that idea that there is more than this *waves around at the fabric of my life* is an after-image of capitalism imprinted on my mind

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I have actually been reading a lot recently and playing new tiny video games. It's cozy, but I know some true purpose or direction awaits me I am yet to find

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This is the last Tuesday of the quarter.

Luscious Dick Industries 3q 2020 Quarterly Report covers are finished - the first time I've designed a back cover that was more then the CC notice in quite a while.

Individual poem PDF links will be good for at least a few more days.

Being in progress can feel annoying because I am in between two states - not enjoying what the full benefits of either. It's easy to want to turn back especially when it starts to get hard.

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