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Hell is believing
Change is possible
Things get better
Happiness is for you
These thoughts make sense

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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

Furthermore, the answers to the problems we face might be quite literally beyond our current imagining, given that all we know or create is a combination of what we have previously known and experienced.

Left communities / governments have suffered from this problem - we do not know at the level of the subconscious what it means to be different than what we are.

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I am not saying I have an answer to how we get through the wall in front of us, but we need to acknowledge the nature of the problem.

We are creatures that evolved selfish, tribal, tendencies.

These tendencies cause us to make personally beneficial choices that are harmful to the whole.

The societal structures we find ourselves in demand and reward these choices.

To do otherwise is costly and dangerous to the individual.

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More frequently I feel that stating a spirit of community and common humanity must rise to replace the systems and institutions that exist is like any person defending the status-quo hoping the next leader or CEO will have good morals.

Anyone have recommendations for good books on neurology with regard to work memory, attention, and focus?

@selfsame Got any tips for starting to work with sculpy clay? You've been inspiring me to create a workspace in my apartment.

> writes a single line of HTML

Yeah, I want to automate this

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Finished a big project today; baked some bread; had tea with an old acquaintance.

A good day

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any articles/guides/useful questions to ask when developing a time/project tracker? Ultimately, I'd like to have some way of identifying amounts of time spent in various areas into my personal wiki. thinking more about methodology than actual software. examples of nice trackers also welcome.

Do not worry what your brain will produce.

Plant seeds and see what grows.

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Minor annoyance that the most flexible and affordable cell service in the US does not have any option for a non-smart phone.

I also used onions, tomatoes, and jalapeno chilies, and thickened the soup with barley.

I made 8 quarts of stew and for your nutrition nerds out there it contained all the essential amino acids and the entire pot was only 1,300 calories!

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