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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

Glucose by Jerone Braxton is an inspiration.

The style is self-taught and entirely confident. I have stuff like this inside me and seeing someone express their singular vision inspires me to do the same.

Plus, it's arresting.

I would like to start off a new tag for sharing knowledge on any topic at all that we find valuable (both self-written and in form of annotated links to external sources), so that this type of post can be searched for or pinned as a feed.
as a name for it, I thought would be nice.
it's a place where we can learn and study together. a class without boundaries between fields of study, where everyone is invited to teach!

would you be interested in this?

Good morning.

I am becoming a human who likes reggae

getting back into modeling. It's fun, even though I'm still pretty slow

Lots of things I want to make just for fun. Maybe something others can learn from someday even

@rek Do you make all your sauces with the mortar & pestle? I have been craving a chimmichuri, but loath to get an appliance

Got let go from my dishwashing job after one day because I was limping today. Guess I need on getting into better shape on my own time.

My coworker in the dishpit is a programmer and emt. We talked about Linux builds between dish loads.

Merveilles fills me with happiness - so much inspiration here :)

Today I learned:

I have limitless potential and lots of good ideas. I need ample thinking time and place to write.
I should give myself space to experiment

Everyone's process is so unique. I like when people lean into that uniqueness

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