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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

A sustainable life cannot just mean your stable, it has to involve control over one's choices.

If you're stable because you spend your days being a tool for someone else's ambition that isn't sustainable.

You cannot control when you're discarded or replaced.

A sustainable life means your days are your own.

You don't constantly spend the bulk of your energy for deep work fufilling the goals others set.

That how you choose to live your days of existence still affords you a roof, food, medical care, and some comforts.

If plan 9 is more stable than Linux for game dev I'm there

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Trying to figure out how to make writing look visually appealing on Social Media to build an audience


Second best sources are dried spirulina, oats, spinach. Things I haven't been eating a lot off. Oats are rhe cheapest so it's time to bevome an oat boy

Just realized I'm probably feeling mentally terrible in part to not getting enough tryptophan each day.

It is the precursor to serotonin and you need 5mg/kg body weight each day.

The most abundant vegan source is soy, which I'm allergic to. So I've been massively underconsuming the 500mg i need a day.

Hearing The Righteous Gemstones is good, so I should probably start with Eastbound and Down

I am working on retooling my Patreon to focus on writing - whoever is willing to look over my drafts for launch over the next couple weeks reach out :)

I refuse to accept I have to prove myself to anyone before I can live a sustainable life

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Me: "I have never really participated in hookup culture"

Them: "Well, I should admit I'm extremely body privileged"

Night off to a good start. Never been called ugly that way before

Thinking of going to a bar with a sign that says "1 drink 1 tarot reading" and see what happens this evening

Ideas off the top of my head:

1. Seed priacy sites with incomplete copies that include a discount code for your DRM free site

2. Price Amazon copies higher than your DRM tree copies on a personal site and direct people to it

3. Offer an online version accessible to patrons

The guardian article on priacy of books is hitting just as I'm trying to redo my patreon to center on writing.

The response to an unstoppable phenomenon seem obvious to me - acknowledge the incentives and respond.

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