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My for 2021


Walk up every hill in Missoula
Visit every park in Missoula
Save up for a sailboat


Complete a Merveilles interview series
Release a meditation zine
Complete my and archive it
Release a short story

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I am closing down my access to new things today and going through the

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Hell is believing
Change is possible
Things get better
Happiness is for you
These thoughts make sense

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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

"Early childhood neglect can prevent the child from forming a mature and consistent internal self. The carried wound of abandonment combined with the patient's lack of an internal self, causes them to repeatedly attempt to bond in a child-like way in adult relationships. The intent is to heal the wound and continue development, but often creates the conditions for unhealthy codependency and abuse behavior"

US Pol, housing 

In most places in the US where there are actual jobs the median home price requires an income 3x the median family (dual earner) income for the same area.

The only people buying houses are the ultra wealthy and landlords looking to live off rents.

values are not values if they have to be enforced by means of social control

Lying awake and idly imagining a computer that I'd actually enjoy using.

A tablet / laptop with an e-ink screen, solid software for drawing and music, and an OS whose interface is a little tamagotchi-thing who lives on the desktop. No docks or start buttons. Just a friend.

Treating myself to a dinner of warm baguette and hummus

I should probably read a book on bread making.

Also how healthy is whole grain bread vs, say, masa or brown rice? I wonder

Building my desk and simultaneously considering the day I will take it apart and sell it.

More and more I see the things I do and make as sand mandalas. Something will come along and blow it all away.

It is still worth it to make it beautiful

Where would I go to get a good hand drill? I need one to install my new desk frame

Cleaning my bathroom and lamenting the reality of entropy

Reading in the morning seems to help perk up my interest to do things

looking at a forest, or a tree, or a leaf can make me feel delight. I can sense its beauty, even in its mundanity. The tree simply is a tree, doing tree things

Why, then, do I not give the same credit to my humanity? Can a human simply doing human things, no matter how mundane, be beautiful?

succumbing to riotous demand, i threw up a 'wiki' or more accurately personal garbage heap nightmare site

i wrote a static site generator for this which is just a makefile an a script for ssam

everything on there rn is just some junk i made to make sure it was above a certain threshold of broken and i never really intended people to look at it but you can now if you want some incomplete things

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