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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

Having fun with BASIC-8 interpreter on the PDP-8/e at the Living Computers Museum in Seattle. Made a weird little landscape/flag generator.

@neauoire picture it: a e-ink tool for tracking and taking notes that runs on a 6502 and is powered by rechargable non-lithium batteries

It's a sign of our society's dysfunction that we learn through play and then spend decades trying to grow while doing work we don't own for someone else

Wish my body had better API documentation. It's difficult to undo unintentional changes

One of the weird parts of considering physical products as a person who makes things, is that everything made is actually already "trash".

Consumers have never been asked to consider waste seriously because waste automatic and hidden. Companies are not expected to consider waste as part of the things they make.

Getting your work done first is critical if, like be, you can spend two hours in a heartbeat reading about ID3 tags

Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

My personal site is at it's absolute peak right now. I can only make it worse.

I'm looking for a NES emulator that has some cli tools that will let me write to the memory from the command line while it's running.

Any idea?

What if there was a way to write the broad strokes of your code on a sheet of paper, scan it in, and get boilerplate code from it?

Just having your computer on is a drain of energy.

If you're not using your computer turning it off saves power.

It also follows that coding slowly wastes power.

I wonder what the energy trade off is between efficient code compiling and extra time spent coding.

Me: why does this taste like it has butter?

Server: it does

Me: what? I asked if it was vegan

Server: ...I thought you asked if it was peas again

Doing one thing a day is difficult with a job, but it's worth doing.

It's easy to become impatient, push yourself, and burn out. It's hard to recover a loss of passion to burnout.

Be patient.

@dualhammers Not funk artist, I love Motoharu Sano. He is famous rock singer in Japan.
Please listen to his music.

@dualhammers And lastly Naoya Matsuoka's "The September Wind", which directly inspired the Outrun soundtrack

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