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I am a 3D tech artist by day and writer at all other hours. I feel the best eating plants and I feel the worst following someone else's rules.

You will find me musing about being, doing, and how our brains work most of the time.

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I am closing down my access to new things today and going through the

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Hell is believing
Change is possible
Things get better
Happiness is for you
These thoughts make sense

According to Maslow love and belonging are foundations to accomplishment.

Perhaps this is why all the successful creative people I know seem to have strong friendships and partners

@neauoire I recently discovered this reddit forum called Financially Independent Retire Early and it's very funny to me knowing you because all the advice is on how to make millions so you can stop doing work you don't like

I was trying to follow the Daily Dozen to the letter

It's a lot of food

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Yesterday I ate

300g whole grains
330g legumes
180g of greens
80g of cabbage
100g of other veggies
1/4 cup of nuts
1tbsp flax seed
3 fruits
1/2 cup of berries

And today I was too full to eat lol

According to the manyworlds theory there is a universe out there where you're happy right now

@pangrus I listened to Novembeat today and it was really lovely

The sky today - forest fire season is likely to continue all summer here in Montana

Turns out I added too much liquid and this came out like a creamy stew.

It's fantastic!

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I keep making the mistake of forgetting even if grains are 2:1 water to grain ratio that means I'm getting roughly 3x the volume

I'm awash in brown rice and lentils

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Lunch is creamy Mujaddara with purple cabbage 

I added a puree of raw nuts to add some creaminess because I didn't use oil to caramelize the onions.

It is spiced with a mix of allspice, cumin, curry powder, garlic, and nutritional yeast.

This clip on ideas and finishing things struck me last night.

"You cannot really think about anything else until something is finished"

It gave me perspective on my own, very long, mental health journey

I made too much pesto, but it is so good.

A puree of chickpeas, nuts, parsley with vinegar, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Served over gnocchi, green onions, and mushrooms.

This whole plate is 400 calories

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@derek Have you considered the fact that Edward Neumeier has the most bonkers career?

I've been trying to eat more greens (it's the one veggie I regularly miss from my diet) so nut pestos might become a common meal in my house

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@neauoire How big are your growlers? They look larger than normal beer ones

Don't force a habit for the sake of habit

Don't do things simply because others do

Firm foundations, passion, and a willingness to be uncomfortableseem to be the pillars of a well-lived life

The war with my brain/body begins anew each morning.

Maybe someday I will win and can get on with living

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