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The eyes look pale when seen through the scope; mother of pearl, darting around the crowd. You wonder if they are searching for a lost love as you place your finger on the trigger. You ease their mind, and fill yours with guilt.

But we all need to get paid.

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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

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@neauoire Do you have a private account where you put all your strong opinions or do you just bite your tongue?


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uspol (----) 

@sir You seem to be routinely grumping about people not learning things in detail (like git) do you have any suggestions on how to learn for folks with bad long-term memory storage?

I've read the git handbook a few times and I still forget basic things, which is annoying considering people are annoyed at me for my lack of memory

Hypercard is cool!

I got to hear an old friend (She is in her 80s) tell me about when she used to use Hypercard in the early 1990s to build UIs for a software company she worked at.

They rejected all her ideas and lost out to another company who made a UI very similar to hers! She was ahead of her time.

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OK, done with work for today. Time for Hyperjam

Bad North Notes 

Beet and Banana energy smoothie 

When I get done with work today I am going to play and give my thoughts on a bunch of Hyperjam entries.

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