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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

The new episode by @donoteat on why Elon Musk 's loop makes no sense makes a lot of sense and is easy to understand.

It also goes in on magical thinking when it comes to solutions to real problems, Including leftist utopian solutions

@abundance Are you a total night owl? I always see you post the most interesting work very late

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Movie Buddies is a movie review podcast mixed with an animation industry medium discussion - two animator friends talking film

I enjoy it, and I enjoyed their year in review episode. Perhaps you will too

Benevolent Dictator For Life: A open-source software development practice where project founders retain the final say in disputes or arguments within the community.

I say this to myself to remind myself. The structure is not the point - it is not to be perfected - it is meant to hold the vines as they unfurl

Make the rules you follow - in life, in creativity - pillars on which you grow, not bars to the cell that contains you

Twitter 用户 Bou_wired 的 VR 版《皇牌空战7》游戏体验 ​​​​~

My personal favorite shot of the puddle at the bottom of the trash drum.

I'm just sleepy today - going to listen to what my body is telling me

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Captain's log, supplemental. Here's a first attempt, with a lot of geometry just not quite lining up, let me know what you guys think

I'm not sure if it reads well enough to go on my website's landing page 😅

I may not be the life of the party, nor will I be rushing to get things done, but I will definitely give you my thoughts on the matter at hand

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Revel in the marvels of the universe.