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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

How do you start and record your habits?

For me, I have a habit journal. I write down the habit I intend to establish and focus on it for 30 days, and Mark it down end of the day. When a habit reaches 30 entries I mark it as done and start a new one.

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Oh, and don't try to change too much at one time. Habits take time to build.

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Building tools to record the results of every action would be a monumental task, but a useful one for folks like me whose memory seems to be undermined by obsessive thought loops.

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Unless, of course, you're building a rocketship. Then you probably want to study what's been done before.

Basically, be scientific about everything. Be curious, try things, record the results (if you can).

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It is still hard to set things in motion with intent. It's easier to acknowledge this reality and throw actions at the wall of possibility without looking.

Any intent or expectation can make the act painful

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I spent a long time, a decade, not creating because I was unable to accept the reality that I cannot control the outcome of my actions, big or small.

I cannot predict and fully control the direction, weight, and smoothness of a line I draw

I cannot control whether the art those lines make is loved, hated, or ignored

I can only to choose to set an act in motion or not

And hope that my choices reverberate into something meaning

@abundance I think you'll like what that watercolor inspired me to do

I just had a better idea than the one I originally had.

But if the whole self needs to be changed how do you set the direction?

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When I embrace my self, as I am today, I am embracing stagnation. I would be making peace with a version of my habits/narrative that I'm not content with.

But if there is no true self to guide me, then I must decide what I want to be, and that is a monumentous decision. It seems for many this is where the true self thing comes in and gets fuzzy: they decide to become a fuller version of a part of themselves they already like.

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Is the self these habits? Perhaps. Perhaps the gestalt of habits and the narrative we tell ourselves about our selves.

But if that is the case then being 'true to ourselves' will always be conservative. We are allowing who we were yesterday to guide our behavior today.

Deep change would actually feel foreign - unlike ourselves.

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Either way, the idea seems to be that by 'being true to ourselves' it will create a change. That we will become different by hewing closer to this self.

But we know that the brain relies on habits, built into the Striatum, to guide behavior most of the time. And these habits are built up through repetition. They are the behavior memory of our bodies. Memory is inherently backwards-looking in time.

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When we say 'be true to yourself' what are we actually imagining?

I suspect most people consider it one of the following:

An eternal object, almost divine, that has innate qualities. Like a tarot card, or a zodiac sign. The true self is fixed, and can be discovered.

A secret longing or desire. Maybe because somewhere along the way you started hiding your interests or passions from the world. The idea being they're still inside there, waiting to be indulged

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Huh, 50/50

I wish I had more data to breakdown relationship to income level, past experience, life demographics, etc.

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Space reserved for thoughts about the 'true self' and how we become a thing

400 minutes was all they had left. Interlocking fingers and sweaty palms.

The sun rose, and with it the warmth of their embrace. A bird chortles, asking an unspoke question: how is it different now?

Knowing did not make it so. And so, they kissed and enjoyed the sun and the bird with the good questions.

355 minutes to go.

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