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I am 100% plant powered writer, computer artist, and developer of things.

Currently striving towards a solar powered nomadic life

"If you’re not producing at an elite level, you’re increasingly in danger of automation, being outsourced, being eliminated or replaced."

A Cal Newport quote that seems to be true and in that way it makes me profoundly sad.

Eliteness is, by definition, a subset of a whole. Many people will suffer and be eliminated in the world that is.

If that's all that can be I'd rather not be

Cal Newport has a blog. A site where he produces essays which are a part of his goal to improve his position in the market by creating something "valuable" I.E. that can be commodified

A microblog like Mastodon or Twitter can be a place where you place those things with that goal, and solicit feedback

But that's not the normal usecase, or how he envisions it

I think Cal Newport is right about social media but only in part, because he thinks primarily in terms of one's life in relation to the market

But plenty of amazing people are at the periphery of the market

I read somewhere someone said they'd ever experienced professional dissatisfaction and it had me wondering how that can occur.

What type of self-actualization is required to find such a fortunate path

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These new meds mean I can't drink and carry a risk of sudden death... They better work

Everyone in this town is super fashionable and attractive

Finally met the talks over his girlfriend communist guy couple

As a kid I got punished a lot for speaking my mind, doing what I felt was best, etc. because it often contradicted or was in conflict of those in power around me

When I'm feeling "good" that urge comes back out, so I"m bracing for the hurt

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Thinking about a rewrite of Dante's Inferno / Paradise but as a metaphor for mental health and self-actualization

I have spent a lot of time in life thinking "I wish I could control myself." I rarely reach the point of thinking about improving at a skill because just the idea of "I'm going to plan to do a thing and then do it" has felt like a huge undertaking my whole life

If it's just a few MGs of drugs that make the difference? How to reconcile all the time lost to that??

New meds may make depression and anxiety worse, so we shall see.

If the world wasn't as it is maybe I would need meds and I could just be slow and lost in my thoughts and not struggle because of it

Realizing how at the mercy of bodies our conciousness is. We have potential but it isn't unlimited

Dystopian or Utopian: a future where mental health treatment involves implanting memories that affirm a person and build their confidence

Inbetween places tonight. Thankful for the 24 hour diner

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