Read this piece on burnout and saw a lot of the behaviors I've wrestled with described.

Our ability to optimize, solve problems, and adapt is exploited by capitalism so that we can never optimize enough.

@dualhammers Yeah, when it came out I read it and I thought back to the endless lists of shit I had to do, but could not. At the time my car was 3000+ miles overdue for an oil change and I just kept forgetting to call a service place to schedule a time to take it in

and before it just felt like I was defective and broken, and it was my fault. but then I realized what I had been dealing with for years, and it made sense

@dualhammers In my passing observation of peers, much dissatisfaction and burnout seems to be caused by thinking that hobbies or passions need to be monetized.

@stephen That is super common among folks I know in the states.

The piece hints upon why - the essential compact taught to Americans is that a Good Life means a job you're passionate about. This is important because work will take up most of your life since wages are so low and time commitments so high

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