Trying to move away from Spotify and give my $10/mo to artists directly, but I have questions for people who buy lots of music:

How do you store the music you buy online? What tools are good for accessing it?

I got lots of good suggestions on how to store and listen to music. thanks, folks

@dualhammers Bandcamp
Direct download albums or use the Bandcamp app on mobile
Money goes mostly to the artist with Bandcamp taking a 15% cut (probably some payment processing fees too)
Pricing is like itchio, so you can add a tip if you can afford it and would like to support extra

@dualhammers I usually find artists via SoundCloud, and then hunt for their Bandcamp page if I find music I like

@dualhammers Bandcamp is great, but I'm here with a sketchy hot take...

If an artist has a label and management, the artist might very well make more money when you buy a t-shirt than when you buy their music. How you feel about that, what you do with it, of course is up to you

@dualhammers collect music in flac, set up a subsonic server.

@dualhammers I data hoard. I have an airsonic server at my house. If you have an android it works well with this app called DSub you can find it on f-droid. Let me know if you want pointers for setting it up :)

@moderngravel @stephen thanks for the advice. I might give this a go. I'll let you know of I need help

@dualhammers i'm kinda sorta planning slash considering the same. i've been recommended funkwhale

@dualhammers I store them on my computer, and listen mostly through a playlist on my computer that everything I buy goes onto. When I want to listen to a specific album in full, I listen through bandcamp (either the app or through the browser).

@dualhammers I just have a folder full of MP3s from Bandcamp, sorted into folders by artist and subfolders by album. For listening, I just copy them over to my phone and let the music player app handle the rest. I almost exclusively listen to stuff on an album-by-album basis, though, so I don't really have anything to recommend regarding playlists and such.

@dualhammers I haven't used it, but @funkwhale is a spiritual successor to grooveshark, is open, and looks to be relatively simple to set up.

@paperfixie @dualhammers Indeed, that's one of our supported use cases, you can learn more about the project at

This is the next version of our website that will be released officially soon, but it should give you everything you need to understand how Funkwhale works, how to install it, etc.

You can also look up other projects like Koel and Airsonic that are more single-user oriented :)

@dualhammers I store everything in my pc, and use beets ( for managing metadata and Clementine for listening.

@dualhammers I mostly listen to albums which I rip from good old self-bought CDs (I hope my single left-over computer with a CDROM drive never dies), or buy from bandcamp directly. I store them as 160–320 kbps MP3s, or 96–224 kbps OGGs or (seldomly) even FLACs. I have a library of all my music files on my old-laptop-turned-NAS, which is acessible over the internet, but I only keep those on my laptop which I listen to frequently. For indexing & playback, I use the Music Player Daemon with gmpc.

@dualhammers I mean, I only keep those on my _new_ laptop that I frequently listen to :)

@dualhammers if you're on a unixoid and a shell user: git-annex is your tool!

@dualhammers I rip all my CDs to FLAC, download online purchases in FLAC and have them all on my NAS running plex media server

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