One of the many absurdities of capitalism in our technologically advanced world: I have to borrow an eBook from the library and return it so others can borrow it

It's an extremely Mastodon thing that my first post to do big numbers was about libraries and anti-capitalism

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@dualhammers That makes zero sense!
Your capitalist IP laws at work.


It makes a lot of sense in the framework of capitalism: the library doesn't want to interfere with the author/publisher's ability to make money off of the work.

What doesn't make sense is why that is still such a problem in our modern society of productive abundance. More houses than homeless here in the U.S. Work shouldn't need to be commodified first and foremost

@dualhammers @gemlog Also, it costs the library much more to lend you an ebook than to lend you a paper book. They can lend it out only a (surprisingly small) number of times until it expires and they have to buy a new expensive licence.

Libraries have really been getting shafted since digital formats messed up the whole legal framework. Denmark has a specific provision for paying authors/translators directly based on loans - except for ebooks, which just subsidise publishers.
@irina @gemlog

It's especially absurd considering the tiny cut of money big publishers actually give authors for ebook rights.

Publishers make so much money off of something that costs them very little to produce.

@erosdiscordia @gemlog

It's the primary method of making ever-increasing profits (required if your company is valued by the stock market) in media economies. Always more money to be had in being the distributor than the creator

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