I will not be putting the Elon Musk coin in my head

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@dualhammers wow I just googled that. Sleep with a charger attached to your head? And surely people will want upgrades. Is this going to create two bizarre classes, the Linked and the Unlinked?

@whtrbt Chances of this even getting past the regulatory trials phase is low.

@whtrbt The press conference involves pigs with the devices implanted. Ethics rules around animal test subjects are limited.

It is much harder to create trials that pass ethics board rules when it comes to implants.

@whtrbt Tesla is based in the US, I believe they have to go through US trials before they can be exported anywhere.

@whtrbt @dualhammers there’s many stories already to explain why it’s a bad idea... I hope this won’t go forward

@electret @dualhammers I feel the same. that said, the technology could be very helpful for a range of disabilities and injuries.

@whtrbt @dualhammers I'm happy for specific technologies to exist and help people that need it. What I'm worried about is a mass market polyvalent chip that people would use for more trivial reasons.

@electret @dualhammers if our phones are any indication, that's exactly how we would use it.

@whtrbt @dualhammers exactly, but we already see all the issues created from phone use. Until we solve these I don't think it's time to introduce more technology, especially when it's even more integrated to our bodies.

@electret @whtrbt @dualhammers Early adopters are always talking risks. hope this gets refined and becomes reasonably accessible. As was mentioned, it could be great for people with disabilities. A friend of mine got his PhD controlling a computer through eye gaze, as he's lost the ability to move and speaking is very laborious. This could change everything for people like him.

@bee @electret @whtrbt I am intensely aware that the context and intent of how a technology is created affects how it is used and even how it develops. I hope we reach a point where cultural-level intent is consistent with the idea of helping people even at the expense of profit.

@whtrbt @electret It also ins't clear it treats anything. He makes a lot of promises. Elon is great at selling vague ideas to people, that's his whole shtick.

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