A piece of mine from a yearish ago. I recently reworked some details.

When you look back at the stuff you have done and see something you want to change, do you do it or let it go?

I have a hard time resisting the urge and it does make me feel a bit guilty since I already work pretty slow and it slows down the stuff I am currently working on even more.

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@cind I used to feel the urge to do it, but now I let it go if I recognize it is preference rather than something critical to my survival (like redoing my seatbelt)

The change came when I recognized my preferences and tastes were not an objective judgement. What I dislike in my work may be what others find beautiful


I agree with that. Plus, it can also be a momentary desire. Like sometimes I'll make a change but the next day I'll like the older version better haha.

At the same time, it's hard to go from recognizing that it's not objective to convincing your own brain to believe it (especially in regards to your own work which you are attached to emotionally), if that makes sense.

@cind It feels objective to you because you're the only frame of reference to your brain that feels truly real, because you only experience life from your perspective.

I didn't fully convince myself of it until I became convinced there was no objective judge of my worthiness; only billions of subjective judges

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