"Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners." — John Holt

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@dualhammers i often find for myself that learning is the product of teaching-- but as in, i learn a lot about a topic by helping teach others about it

@norikawa I would say that makes you a learner, so the quote still holds :)

@dualhammers @norikawa this exactly, I really see teaching as a conversation, where both people are learning and teaching consciously or not

@ritualdust @norikawa I learn best by teaching. And I mean that quite literally - unless I teach something I learned I often forget it

@dualhammers @norikawa that's interesting! For me, it's more of a way to broaden my views on a subject by being exposed to a bunch of new perspectives on it from my students but also to reflect on my own approaches to it. Nothing beats saying it out loud to people who don't know a lot about it haha

@ritualdust @norikawa I've always had what I consider to be a pretty average to below average memory. I take it as a result of having chronic "depression" or some dopamine-related deficiency.

But conversation and connection with people is very zesty for me, so I think when I engage on a topic with someone (explicitly teaching, or just sharing what I know) I think more dopamine is running through my brain so it's easier for those things to form neural pathways

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