I am closing down my access to new things today and going through the

I just finished Episode 1 of The Cabin season of The Relentless Picnic


I loved their first 35 episodes - three friends who genuinely love each other talking about philosophy, what it means to be alive, and how to be present in the day to day - and this season focuses on isolation.

They start with a discussion of the Ted Kaczynski and Walden.

I suspect I will consume the entire season, but I might try and savor it.

A video I had already watched but kept in my list to watch again.

This 16 minute clip captures succinctly what I feel is a major issue with the modern internet. It creates and then sells simulations of things that are needed by individuals to thrive (friends, community, political solidarity, safety).


Essay about fat phobia 

"Here’s a fact: Fat people know they are fat. And if we ever forget it for a moment, there is a whole world to remind us. And you can say it aside, or in your own language — “dikke vrouw” (big fat lady) — or just think it while looking at us in disgust, but we always know that you know it, too."


"We are squealing little piggies and we are all powerless" soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-hous

A documentarian I was introduced to 4 years ago to talk about his doc, Hypernormalisation (have you watched it yet?) Is on a podcast I like talking about his new 6-part doc, Can't Get You Out of My Head.

I am likely going to reference it quite a bit in the near future and we will not be operating in the same sphere of understanding unless you do.

Commentary on Adam Curtis Chapo Interview 

Other quotes that have stuck with me

"Culture may be the nursery for actual radicalism... Culture is how finance power controls radicalism"

My own thoughts:

No one wants to be more than a unit of one. No one thinks as a collective. Everyone wants their own group of individuals. I think that's why anarchism is enjoying a resurgence in popularity - it suggests we can square the circle: we can retain our individuality but somehow work together

Commentary on Adam Curtis Chapo Interview 

I feel like this episode (and the documentary "can't get you out of my head ") can both be seen as indictments and critiques of the belief that Mastodon communities have any genuine power for radical political change inherently.

It's just posting with your friends unless you're using it to do something radical, and if you're not willing to pay the cost of that change (which can include suffering and death) it's just escapsim


Hilarious bleak read. Turns out spending all your time acquiring wealth makes you as lonely as everyone else, but it also makes you believe you can buy the happiness that comes from genuine connection.

Commentary on LA loneliness essay 

packaging $2,000 a month for a bedroom with roommates as a luxury experience is proof Capitalism is coming close to having entirely stripped the US for parts

Already boosted this, but I am adding Everest's post about NFTs to the because Twitter is now selling tweets for Crypto


There is a lot of stuff on my read/watch/bookmark lists that I no longer have any interest in, so I just delete them.

But it's an interesting snapshot into who I was at the moment I captured. I'm watching myself evolve through bookmarks.

The most contrarian take I have on all the very good analysis about superhero movies being deeply not-horny is that all these articles imply fit = beautiful fat = ugly as an objective reality and that undermines the faith I have in the intelligence of the author


body talk, opinions on beauty 

The implication here of fixed objective states for subjective descriptions leaves me, a fat person who cannot for the life of me win the battle against my body, pretty upset. Doubly so since I've spent a lot of time thinking about what makes someone beautiful and I'm 100% convinced 99.9% of what someone finds sexually attractive within one's gender orientation is conditioned on some level

Watching Cannot Get You Out of My Head.

How does one even organize such a vast array of images and music into a cohesive form? The project seems overwhelming to me to imagine. Truly amazing

This essay on ditching your phone has been in my to-read for a long time.

I've done most of what the guy suggests since then - my smart phone has no social media apps and only signal for texting.

I feel like I am at my worst when I am constantly using my smart phone - when I constantly feel the need to fill my brain up with noise.

I'm at my best when I'm confronting the reality - sometimes very painful - of my physical life



I went through this "therapy" all throughout grade school. This was a hard read for me, because it left a lasting, searing, impact on my mind. This is the closest thing I've read to an apology for what I went through.


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"This isn’t about keeping people’s capital-E Engagement metrics high, it’s about providing tools to help people who’ve chosen to exist here fulfill what I see as a genuine desire to feel like one focused, present individual."

Droqen is a person I'm glad to know droqen.com/687/

"Instead, we need a humanistic vision of a high-tech future, one that rejects workplace tyrants, privatized spacefaring, and ever-multiplying underground freeways in favor of democratic governance, strong public institutions, and transit for the people. It can be done, even in the world of Actual Machines. And it can be more inspiring than anything Elon Musk has ever dreamed of. "


"Ken Gergen and Mary Gergen felt that intimacy is a natural condition that all human beings want to feel, but our social traditions keep us at arm's length from one another."

"No amount of indulgence will make up for the loneliness our current world creates"

Matt Christman on Gnositicism and the feeling that the world we live in, full of humans, makes us all inhuman.


@dualhammers of course we are. Also, none of us are giant douche bags as far as I know.

@dualhammers Great article. I feel there is a fantastic movie to be made in all this. A big cinematic character study with enormous stakes riding on the central dramatic question: “Who is this man?” A modern, Promethean Citizen Kane story. A tragedy about hucksters and hero worship in which hubris is the flaw of us all.

@ClearMask He would love every moment of it. Anything to remain important in the minds of others. This would feed the beast

@dualhammers Oh, I wasn’t suggesting a literal biopic. Just something analogous. Though I think you’re right. The effect would probably be the same!

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