How do you optimize and automate your regular maintenance tasks (cooking, cleaning, organizing?)

@dualhammers We sort of do it the other way around, we organize everything around cooking, instead of trying to fit cooking between two other things.

@dualhammers We've started doing that when we lived in Japan back in 2012, but I can think back to my school years when I hardly made any time at all for the most important parts of life(water, shelter, food, ..).

@neauoire Yeah. I am doing a lot of looking back recently and can see I have been in the same habit for decades - not putting enough time into water, food, shelter, sleep. Too much time into chasing some hard to quantify next where I achieve enough to be enough

@dualhammers it's a good time to try it out. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to eradicate the mundane from their lives.


@neauoire I have spent a lot of time being afraid of being mundane. It was a bad fear to put inside me

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