It's time for a new agreement. A new balance

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@meena do you need a weekend if you never work a week in your life?

@dualhammers I believe that a note should be added at the bottom of the "12 HOURS" section, reading "except working for free for big-tech platforms".

@dimitrisk oh wait. I get it now.

Yes, but that also ruins the aesthetic of the print so no

I think the 12 hours could become very productive for society. I would probably use a lot of them to organize political discussions, write articles and write open source code.
Just netflixing would be really boring... So I guess more people would become productive out of self motivation.

@phil_s that's the whole point. Work is alienated labor. Not all labor is work. Humans who do not have to work still feel a desire to labor - but on their own terms

My words. Stop producing 90% rubbish.
Cut work down to 10h a week - worldwide!
If you dont like your work, stop doing ist.
Go home.
Yes, YOU!

Erm, that picture, is it free to use?
I just converted it to .svg (vectorgrafics) to be able to make a poster of it.
I put it here:

@wuffel it's a modification of an old us labor print I did in 10 minutes. Consider it CC NC SA

@dualhammers I actually started working 4 hours a day recently. Except Saturday and Sunday, these are days off. Of course, there are exceptions, because my boss is in another part of the country and sometimes we have to call late at night, but these are rather exceptions. An interesting fact is that it turns out to work more productively this way, I try to give my best during these four hours and my progress in work is much better!

@teawithfir that's so great!

My contractor pool has the same schedule and they seem very effective when they stick to it.

But they rarely do because rent is so high and we don't have socialized healthcare, so they always are trying to put in more hours to make more.

Makes me sad

@dualhammers I remember the time when I worked 10 hours five days a week or half a month for 13.5 hours... I feel very privileged with my current opportunities. But I don't make a lot of money, that needs to be clarified. I don't have children or pets, so my main expenses are living and visiting a doctor.
I hope that everyone can find an opportunity to have a freer schedule and earn according to our needs...

@lunch It's important for the left to have various methods and ideas -- it's critical for the dialectic. I value this contribution, comrade.

@dualhammers I want to boost this every day until it becomes a reality. Looks like I'm not the only one.

@rostiger I'm finally viral on a platform where it's meaningless

@dualhammers Oooo I found this artist. I have a particular fondness for wood and linoleum prints.

@dualhammers Can't boost it; not enough; NEVER WORK! :YeeHaw:

@dualhammers Just a thought: if we accepted to slow down progress, we could have more free time, and we'd use social networks from computers without gifs

@dualhammers @NEETzsche how do you expect to get anything of scale done in 3 hours? And how many times are you going to wack off in 12 hours?

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