CONTENT WARNING FOR LINKED VIDEO: bugs, darkness, sexuality, trauma and mental illness. FLASH WARNING as well.

my first music video has crawled out from the darkness. it’s for a song called ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴏᴋ?, an instrumental electronic track with a sample of my voice turned into a synth lead. most sounds from this track are original samples reworked in software, having been collected in a park beneath a full moon and lunar eclipse. the video started out as an experiment and turned into an endurance-testing ritual, filmed in one night after a storm.

this song is about a worm i met in the park while collecting the aforementioned samples. it is also about coming back from the dead and wanting to fuck shit up while being secretly very sad about it. it is dark, weird, suggestive, and intense (standard Hex fare). it’s also funny somehow and very rude (inevitable). enjoy to any who partake and thank you for watching my danse macabre.

many thanks and deep gratitude for @ritualdust for her skills in helping me bring this ecstatic monstrosity to life. and thank you also to Christophe Daigle of Blkkwave Studio ( for the excellent mixing and mastering.

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