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hello, i'm Dym, i do
- coding (css, js)
- graphics (vector drawings mostly)
- also speak eng, ger, rus

feel free to ask for help or collaboration on any of the above

- `escape` clear.
- `hold shift` erase.
- `left click` draw.
- `right click` line.
- `alt click` drag content.
- `ctrl click` half-tone.

My e-reader glitched-out and made post-modern poetry

One of the most beautiful words in the language: unsubscribe.

open a pack of cigs with a scorpion on a warning label, and you get a scorpion.

Why can't google make a python engine as fast as v8 is for javascript?

Or maybe they did, but its only for internal use...

There are two types of teachers. The difference between an authority and a mentorship is:
one doesn't want you to ever fuckup,
the other asks what took you so long.

some years ago, i picked a neat color palette, and made a couple random vector drawings;
it then became a habit, and now results of several months of work've been compiled under:

been decouplin' my other social-media accounts from daily routine, by mass-unfollowing, and only bookmarking interesting ones.

this way i will visit them when i dedicate special time once a month, instead of glancing over every day.

also reminded me why i wanted to make a universal feed-reader -- to minimize the time needed to consume so much information -- since a lot of it are reposts, so even basic de-dupe on hashes of pictures will cut off ~20%.

Redid the city background, but I didn't get to the sky yet. Not sure I like the regularity of the building lights on the far left there...

#pixelart #VoidCulture

The Boys

hashtag not like the other superhero movies.
on par with Watchman and No Hero.
dark and disturbing.

Updated the โ€œbannerโ€ image to be more colorful and interesting. This image appears in โ€œcardsโ€ when you link to from those โ€œotherโ€ services. ๐Ÿ™‚

some strips in Sequence are left in russian, but those are basically untranslatable, and rely heavily on word-play and local cultural references

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