need help of the :

how would you style/design representation of tens of thousands of tweet-sized text items?

aside from pagination or just hiding everything but 20 "best" entities until the next visit

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@dym maybe group them by similarity? and navigate them like a branching graph?

@neauoire yeah, grouping and splitting in lesser parts seems like the only way people are able to consume massive amounts of data :(

so i also thought about making weekly 'zine with a 100 in each

You could sort them, like:

THIS(143) > IS(120) > A(80) > HAPPY(3) > DOG(1).

@neauoire words starting with T and S would have way bigger population. distribution on hashes would be more even, but also logically pointless.

i think tagging entries is best solution, except it requires a lot of manual work and oversight. so, crowdsourcing, or machine learning.

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