@jere depends; glitch.com if you want to craft your own (with json file(s) as a database)

- `escape` clear.
- `hold shift` erase.
- `left click` draw.
- `right click` line.
- `alt click` drag content.
- `ctrl click` half-tone.


@gueorgui just enlarge the text?
there is a hi-dpi setting, play with that number until it's bearable;
also having the monitor farer away helps a bit

My e-reader glitched-out and made post-modern poetry

@gueorgui i have a full-sized keyboard (Arrows, PgUp/Down, Home/End, and 5 modifier keys) and a mouse, there is honestly just no need for extra constrains of using commands to edit text

@lrhodes using it in real conversation must be so triggering for the recipient

One of the most beautiful words in the language: unsubscribe.

@gueorgui is there a way to have non-modal key commands (like in sublime or vscode), or being modal is the entire core of vim/emacs?

@gendor to be fair, so is nano.
only reading in 64k chunks helps alot. gui editors need to pre-parse entire file to display it properly.

/rel micro-editor.github.io

open a pack of cigs with a scorpion on a warning label, and you get a scorpion.

Why can't google make a python engine as fast as v8 is for javascript?

Or maybe they did, but its only for internal use...

@mfro so far i went with path of least resistance and sticked with the web browser as an universal feed reader (works even for static sites!), and bookmarks as navigation

There are two types of teachers. The difference between an authority and a mentorship is:
one doesn't want you to ever fuckup,
the other asks what took you so long.

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