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rendered a #2D #fractal #zoom #video with #FragM version of #fragmentarium

the trick is to replace (in your camera frag vertex block) all uses of the `Zoom` uniform by `Zoom*pow(2.0, ZoomFactor)` and add a Linear easing curve to new `ZoomFactor` uniform.

keep ZoomFactor at 0 while navigating for sanity

this toot brought to you by "Qt's InExpo easing curve is a bit rubbish" code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/

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Created a small example file and tutorial on how to use the Softcut library on the Monome Norns.

Technology accelerated culture -> culture accelerates technology ->

My partner was having trouble sleeping so I started talking to them about modular. After twenty minutes of my droning, I was accompanied by their gentle saw waves.

modular rig update- eschewing any traditional sequencing for the moment, opting instead for switching, lfo, logic & function generators.

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Watching an interview with one of my heroes, Andy Lomas, talking about simulating and exploring.

"Most of my own work was interested in things that are surprising and genuinely unexpected."


The experience was invaluable in honing my skills but in also helping me to find community. These friends turned me on to fabrication, live-coding, & modular synthesis, & I am thankful for each of them.

Also off putting was/is the increasing commoditization of GIFs in social media.

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Hello and thank you for creating this place.

I spend most of my time traveling in search of weird math creatures.

The work you all are doing here really inspires me. Excited to join.

For a few years I animated geometry daily. It helped me grow in some respects, but I largely left the practice when I felt the growth plateau.

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If you're looking for an alternative to #PokemonGo, no need to ask @switchingsocial - I have the perfect tip for you.

It is harder, more complex, more fun, doesn't track you and you can play it on any device that has a camera: It's called #WildLifePhotography.

Or if you don't have any such device try WildLifeDrawing instead, which the former is a fork of.

I'm already a Lv 2 #Butterfly catcher. Check out my collection @paulakreuzer

Gotta document them all! #Biodiversity

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"theMeeting" - a livecode friend brought over some modules to borrow. Was not sure if I would get along with the MN Morphagene but found a nice little feedback patch after a bit. Accompanied by the ALM Mum M8 and a GFI Specular Tempus. soundcloud.com/echophons/theme

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