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hi! my name is ej (people call me "eej"). new to mastodon and really excited to be here with the lovely folx of merveilles 💙 🌊 🌃

some things about me:
* software dev
* relationship anarchist
* learning how to be antiracist and anticapitalist - also,
* nonbinary and queer
* writer, photographer, artist
* hiker, skier, and overall winter lover
* enthusiastic reader
* obsessed with alternative communities both digitally and irl

It's fungi's world and we're all just living in it. Change my mind.

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I’ve been practicing No vember, where for the whole month I simply don’t

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Tattooed my first person from Merveilles today! Thanks @eejum for making the trip all the way to Montreal! :merveilles:

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Today marks the beginning of month 3 on testosterone! (*^ -^*)

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Electricity stuff.

Ohms - This is what electrical engineers chant to make the electricity pantheon happy.
Watts - When it doesn't work, you say "watt!" a lot.
Amperage - Twin city to Anchorage.
Voltage - No one knows. Probably fake.

Been learning this on voice/guitar with a dropping voice has been fun, but supremely challenging. Singing through the squeaks. 😆 🐭

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Home Depot workers are unionizing. I hope they adopt the 12 foot tall skeleton as their mascot

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Current eye candy: poodle moths. I can't even give them justice with a description.

As a trans masc person with a loving supportive community, I'm extremely lucky that this is an option for me. But for others with a similar condition in less supportive places, this can be a potentially disastrous condition to leave untreated. Planned Parenthood essentially extended me a lifeline that I didn't know was a solution to treating this. If you know someone struggling with PCOS, definitely let them know there are options beyond birth control pills 💜

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but PCOS is absolutely an intersex condition. Today, I essentially needed to choose between the hormones generally prescribed to trans women or injections generally given to trans men. My body does not produce enough of either combination of hormones to function in a healthy way. HRT is healthcare and is valid for whatever reasons you decide to take it. End of rant.

I don't know what to make of my parents being nervous that I don't have a "way to leave the country" right now. Wondering what happened recently to get them so nervous or if shit's finally just hit the white, suburban neighborhoods that historically never had to worry about anything.

Tonight's dinner: summer squash, chard, and new potatoes (yes that's a thang) mixed with local eggs. We sorted the taters today quoting Lord of the Rings, and I definitely drew a Gollum on the boxes in liquid chalk. 👀

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I did it, y'all: I'm going back to being a farmer! 🧑‍🌾 So beyond excited and relieved to be working outside again. After almost six years of trying, found that the "office" life was not for me. Here's to dirty hands and no Zoom calls! :suwi: :tealheart:

Speaking of landlords, anyone have any experience holding one accountable for listing a 3-season porch as a room that gets down to barely above 1C in the winter? I keep asking him to weatherize it and he's like "blah blah blah electric heater blah blah blah"... which just means we're gonna be dumping heat into the backyard because the walls of this room are literally plywood. 🙃

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Me: I'm going to get work done today.

The house: what if your fucker of a landlord didn't screw down like any of the shelves and launches your roommate's gallon-sized jars of kombucha across the kitchen?

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