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copying so non-followers can see:

hi! my name is ej (people call me "eej"). new to mastodon and really excited to be here with the lovely folx of merveilles 💙 🌊 🌃

some things about me:
* software dev
* relationship anarchist
* learning how to be antiracist and anticapitalist - also,
* nonbinary and queer
* writer, photographer, artist
* hiker, skier, and overall winter lover
* enthusiastic reader
* obsessed with alternative communities both digitally and irl

politics, about the concept of "fake news" 

Just a reminder that there is no such thing as "fake news" - there are news, and there is far-right disinformation.
"Fake news" was the term created by Donald Trump to equate real journalists and his own propaganda machine, discrediting the former and legitimizing the latter - it's equivalent to "violence from both sides".
Don't use this language. Name it for what it is, and be clear that it is specifically and exclusively a far right tactic.

new day.
i wonder what rabbit hole i will wander down this time.

Text Description:

Silhouettes of a vampire and a woman with bite marks in her neck. The woman's hair takes up half the picture as though it is simultaneously standing on end and being blown by some unseen wind. The vampire has no eyes and its whole face is covered by a mouth.

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Current one. Timeboxed myself to an hour this evening to see what I could get done. Silhouette work seems to work best.

Haven't felt NRE in a while. Gotta say all I wanna do is sing Eisley at the top of my lungs from the roof, but I think my neighbors might actually launch one of their many fireworks *at* me for that...

I got `left` working with `uxn`. Very excited to start writing! :suwi:

Or you know, in general looking for a photographer. :)

Photo 1: Two women dressed in black, kissing in front of a wrought-iron cross.

Photo 2: Two women dressed in black, walking up a dirt and stone road in a graveyard.

Photo 3: Two women dressed in black, holding hands in front of a graveyard.

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I'm honored that my friends trusted me to take their save-the-date photos. Here are some from the shoot yesterday. If you know anyone in VT or in New England looking to get married, I'm available to take pics. :)

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