I don't know who needs to hear this, but PCOS is absolutely an intersex condition. Today, I essentially needed to choose between the hormones generally prescribed to trans women or injections generally given to trans men. My body does not produce enough of either combination of hormones to function in a healthy way. HRT is healthcare and is valid for whatever reasons you decide to take it. End of rant.

As a trans masc person with a loving supportive community, I'm extremely lucky that this is an option for me. But for others with a similar condition in less supportive places, this can be a potentially disastrous condition to leave untreated. Planned Parenthood essentially extended me a lifeline that I didn't know was a solution to treating this. If you know someone struggling with PCOS, definitely let them know there are options beyond birth control pills 💜

@eejum I'm someone with PCOS, but my doctors never noticed or bothered to diagnose me. What kind of options are you talking about?

@Corina that happened to me too! I was on BC for 8 years, and it was awful. When I went to PP, I told them I didn't want to go back on BC or get an IUD, the latter because I had a birth defect that would potentially make it difficult to use one. The other three options I was given were: T, Spiro/Estrogen, and then just getting a hysterectomy. My words to them were "I never want another period again" which is part of how I landed on T, and will likely get a hysterectomy soon.

@eejum I have never heard any recs besides birth control. Thanks for spreading this info!

@Cyborgneticz @eejum seconded

thank you for posting this, options are good

🤗 may your journey be appropriately good even if its rough presently

@eejum I'm crying, thank you so so much I really needed to read that.

I've been wondering for about a decade if I were intersex due to my hormonal problems and other reasons, but especially since we discovered a few years ago that I have PCOS, but never felt valid to really talk about it.

Can't find words to thank you enough for this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🖤

@testoceratops I'm so happy that this helped you! One thing I've been learning from local intersex activists is that intersex doesn't necessarily need to be physical - it can be chemical too, which can also lead to physical changes, of course, but maybe not super noticeable for some.

@eejum I've never considered myself as intersex but according toh hormonal system and some others things, I think I am. Thanks again!

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