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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

it's implemented by specifying new abbreviations for
- infix expressions: {a + b} => (+ a b)
- modern expressions: f(x) => (f x)
- sweet expressions: deduce parentheses from indentation

Sweet-Expressions, or the Readable Lisp S-Expression Project, looks like a pretty good solution to the parentheses problem. it adds readability to Lisp's syntax while keeping it generic and homoiconic

I don't what you call this reverse-nerd-shame, but I've never really read manga at all. I know. Aghast.

hit me with your recommendations pls

Now it's much cleaner. Arachne's little hearts are beating.


I'm going to try to post more art here instead of just twitter. This place is smaller but I love yall

An afternoon sculpt doodle from the other weekend.

consider runtime dependencies as part of your app. if your program is 1 MB but in order to use it you first have to install a 50 MB language-runtime and 200 MB of libraries, then your app weighs effectively 251 MB.
just something to be aware of

Glucose by Jerone Braxton is an inspiration.

The style is self-taught and entirely confident. I have stuff like this inside me and seeing someone express their singular vision inspires me to do the same.

Plus, it's arresting.

I would like to start off a new tag for sharing knowledge on any topic at all that we find valuable (both self-written and in form of annotated links to external sources), so that this type of post can be searched for or pinned as a feed.
as a name for it, I thought would be nice.
it's a place where we can learn and study together. a class without boundaries between fields of study, where everyone is invited to teach!

would you be interested in this?

Onyx Ashanti making great progress with his insanely-cyberpunk "sonocyb1 exomesh":

just finished reading the dispossessed, it's probably one of the all-round best sci-fi books i've read

Nelson's Canons
A Bill of Information Rights

Dream Machines, page 58
(page 62 in the pdf linked above)

Decision/Creativity Systems [Thinkertoys]
Ted Nelson, 1970
Dream Machines, page 52
(page 56 in the pdf linked above)

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