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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

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folks from other instances: I appreciate your follow but I only follow back on my other account. hope to see you there <3

bullet train through the night. im in berlin now ^_^

First proper Janet scripts are running within Inkscape! :)

Starting to entertain the thought that the way we do GUIs is broken on a core conceptual level. not abt to be a command line purist or anything but what if there were more blurry (and still accessible!) spaces between the two

Is there a copyleft/open source license for "only worker-owned organizations can use this for profit"? I feel like that's really what we need.

any of my friends have a discord/slack/irc server dedicated to talking about humane software, utopian computing, etc? I don't really want to run yet another server but I will if I can't find one

I made a tiny handwired keyboard, and now I feel like I can do anything

@neauoire not sure i'm liking the new B so far... i often use `.Bw` in my music to bounce between 0 and 32. but with the new C+B pattern that range is limited to 0..18 as far as i can tell.
i'll certainly use old B for the concert in two weeks

went to a 7/11 last night. they obviously are proud of their shoplifters as they are advertising them with a cool font on the window. made me want to steal some chips or something.

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