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folks from other instances: I appreciate your follow but I only follow back on my other account. hope to see you there <3

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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

unionizing tech 

"Can compile Javascript sources to executables with no external dependency."

we have created a way of thinking about art which erases its artfulness. instead of encountering a work of fiction as a work of fiction, we encounter it as a kind of history book for an alternate reality. its very nature *as fiction*, as something which is not and does not pretend to be real, which claims to be neither true nor false, which is outside of our productive world, disappears.

we come to think of ourselves, whether readers or writers, as technicians rather than creators. we reduce the work of to a set of data, and its analysis to data collection. writers are praised for producing data which is more coherent (without plot holes or inconsistencies), and which stands out - as data - from other data (this is the emphasis on unpredictable twists). good analysis of art in this framework focuses on collecting the data (establishing lore and timeline, rating their coherence)

@eel just saying it's such a good instance with fascinating people on it. I'd apply but I feel like I have nothing to contribute

folks from other instances: I appreciate your follow but I only follow back on my other account. hope to see you there <3

using a computer = programming the computer

the languages and interfaces someone uses might not be *cool haker babble* but they're still what you use to define what the computer should do

don't let the "tech is hard" meme fool you into thinking you don't know computers

sometimes I'm amazed at my ability to write tidy code.
maybe someday I'll learn how to have a tidy room, too
(I strongly suspect it will come down to: less stuff = clean stuff)

can I join the webring-hallway even though my site doesn't have content?

today is the day I'm glad my code from months ago has good comments

these guidelines for making videogames more accessible could apply to all sorts of UI/UX design when you consider games as a subset of human-facing software

Designing a scientific thinking/language acquisition puzzle game.

I'm really going to need at least one friend to help out with making puzzles, because I wont be able to tell whether it's good until someone else makes a puzzle I don't know the rules for.

Current fasciated plant drawing: Olearia Nummulariifolia

I should mention: it's a queer/gay/feminist/antifa party so, no asshole bro's pls 😘

machine girl is not only a girl
she's also a machine

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