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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

This is promising, the same shape can be generated with a cellular automaton, removing the need for a binary conversion table.

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Sierpinski Triangle in with

- a binary lookup table at the bottom
- a combination of "A" and "M" to check if a & b == 0
- a "delay unit" for variables a and b
because one signal travels in north/west direction

@cancel got a pretty cool glitch in ripcord 0.4.26 linux

pls don't fix

Kaslow - Wizzardia (Dark Psy/Psycore Set)
#nowplaing #np #theStudio

i wish this one had a tracklist, the last couple tracks are so damn good

So today I built a little imaginary computer with 16 registers, 256 addressable rom and memory addresses and status flags. The cpu understands 16 op codes.

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inspired by Frederick Hammersley, a pice called EQUAL TEA TALK in 1969

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Boardgamelab updated to their August Preview version. Now I can better represent the game, especially the room tile cards for DISPATCH playtesting !


started collecting my aquafaba (water in which chickpeas were boiled). i heard it has some neat egg-like properties

In #Sweden there are tiny mushrooms that grow on pine needles and cones

I bought a dice today to bring some more chaos and serendipity into my day to day life choices. Surprisingly the thing feels incredibly magic, it emanates a child-like fascination and I experience it more as a sophisticated chance machine than a cheap trinket, how cool!

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