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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

trying out some visualizations for my log.
this one is hours per week spent on personal projects (top) vs paid work (bottom)

Quarantine hobby: classifying puzzle games by cognitive function.

A thread about Wilmot's Warehouse.

(gameplay segment so you can understand what I'm going on about: )

fediverse meta 

#NextCloud Talk vs. #Jitsi

NextCloud Talk:
✅ much less resources needed on server-side thanks to p2p (5x to 20x less)
✅ requires an account to create a *new* room (server overload protection)
✅ runs in a browser
✅ AGPL licence

❌ resources-hungry (on server)
❌ no end2end encryption (need to trust server)
❌ uses #Google #STUN servers by default
✅ runs in a browser
❌ Apache licence (code can be closed)

NextCloud is easier to install than Jitsi on Debian Buster:

really want a game with the tone and energy of animal crossing that is about observation, nurturing, and connection instead of accumulation and extraction

how loud would music have to be in order to kill instantly

i was lucky the connection / disconnection timing for obs gave me a clean cut of my yesterday performance for eulerroom equinox =D

it just doesn't look like orca in the preview, live mostly starts at 2:00 after checking out i was successfully streaming

Rhizome just published this piece i wrote about the end of an internet, what comes after, and what kind of network might nurture a world we can live in. Big thx to all who helped! @liaizon & @lidia_p

a particularly attractive random slice of GPU memory

if you allocate a 3d texture on gpu but never upload data into it, and then treat this unallocated texture as a volume and raymarch into it, you get some interesting results

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