re-recorded the second ORCA video of my website, i didn't like the arrangemement, it was too long so i reperformed it trying to make it as short as i could

"il difficile compito di recuperare la cauzione da chi può shiftare fase"

( also updated it on )

here is my game engine

100% open source components, runs on windows/mac/linux and... nintendo switch!

[flash/strobe warning]

are-you-human vs. contrast (seed: 14060)

finished the one-minute summary/demo video for the dual-purpose music/typing keyboard :)

There is something incredibly calm about this instance. I enjoy having Merveilles open in the background, for some reason it's encouraging rather than distracting.

I wonder: If we required all programmers to use a slower device than their target for development would we see improved software? Limitations do breed creativity, after all.

misskey is activity pub with rooms, local-only posting, and reactji. i think it's pretty neat

This blessed dilettante can't wait for temperatures to rise above zero to get their hands dirty in the garden.

idk who needs a bisexual punk octopus right now but here you go

[image: a digital painting of an octopus with fronds resembling a mohawk, piercings and safety pins, and spiked cuffs on each tentacle]

I can finally edit the program source with the program itself, it's hard as heck to read but it works 👍

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