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bequa ░ cybernetician striving for better systems. into anarchism and noise music. creates digitally.

Aisle 498, Shelf 9, Object 3E:C0:EB:4F:BC:5A

A black lacquered box, about the size of a matchbox, with a prominent black button on the lid.

You push the button and the box vanishes.

When your only tool is digital signal processing, all your problems start looking like an ancient alien structure, half buried in the seabed.

congrats everyone for reaching 🌻 followers!

hmm, the preview doesn't play the track I linked but the first in the playlist instead?

Brush tests. I know it doesn't look like it but I made slightly different new brush.

reading Пикник на обочине (Roadside Picnic) in the original Russian. it is tough for me but I'm amazed how much of it I actually sort of understand. and for the rest I rely heavily on the dictionary function of my e-reader

I was up at 3am last night making more Ghost Flowers because it's highly addicting :) Here's another Ghost Flower with a close-up detail shot...I'll probably post a few more full detail ones, and some video of the process soon!

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