playing some Risk of Rain 2 today and really enjoying my time with it! combat is super intense, and the run-based item progression feels satisfying.
interesting choice to have pre-made arenas that are mostly the same across runs. I thought that might bother me, but it's cool to learn the terrain and thus improve your tactical skill at the game. all the interactive elements are procedural anyways.
hopefully I'll unlock some characters soon (they're gated by achievements)

I had to lower the resolution and graphics settings a bit to get 60fps out of this game on my old-ass gaming laptop, so these screenshots aren't the best but I hope you get the idea ^^

@eel I really enjoyed the first one - what would you say are the major differences?

@dualhammers I think it is a really good translation of the first one's gameplay into a 3d environment. the most impactful result of this new dimension is that traversal is incredibly fun. the first game could feel kinda sluggish but in this one you're skating! combat is a lot more dynamic because of this, too.
the objectives, character development, and enemy design pretty closely follow the original, at least in the early areas. but they just feel so good now! ^_^

@eel How much was it? Maybe when I've got a job I could pick it up and we could play it together?

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