@neauoire this scene in SEL feels like it could be you ^^
Lain secretly writing lisp on a handheld under the table during class

@eel woah really?! that's crazy. I need to rewatch SEL now.

@neauoire @eel I don't remember what influenced me to, but I've started to rewatch that show last month. I had completely forgotten everything about it, except that her computer was kinda "growing" and there was water on the floor in her room.

I think it's better than my souvenirs! :D

@neauoire @eel The way the show talks about the internet, with both fear and awe… It's inspiring.

Too bad the internet became so boring and commercial.


@narF @neauoire there are always cracks in the pavement for beautiful and/or scary things to grow in

@eel @neauoire For sure. But when you realize that what used to be cool secret underground groups on the fringe of this internet (in the show) are now just… nazi and organized hate… :(

The show was weird and dark but certainly not like that.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me seeing it like that.

@narF @neauoire
we'll have to keep fighting the fascists and the corporations,
and create safer spaces like this one.
there are lots of underground communities working on really beautiful things everywhere!

@eel @neauoire Now we just have to make an anime about it to give it an aura of cool and mystique!

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