just out of curiosity, I took a myers-briggs. it doesn't seem scientific but reading about my results felt inspiring. maybe this type indicator stuff is more a form of spirituality?

similar to reading tarot cards we know it's bullshit but can get something out of it anyways.
(fuck astrology though - the idea that a personality gets assigned at birth is pretty bigoted imho)

@eel tarots are good excuses to make pretty illustrations

@eel may I ask why bigoted? I don't believe in it either, but I've never heard someone call it bigoted

@jere well you have no control over which birthsign you get. and then (some) people make wild assumptions about what kind of person you are. it's one of those restrictive "know your place" type concepts, at least that's how I feel about it

@jere thankfully, there is less of a culture of oppression built around it than with other labels that are assigned to you at birth

@eel I call it “astrology but you get to pick your sign”

@eel @stephen The Myers-Briggs is correlated heavily with The Big Five test, the latter is used productively in neuroscience. There's a lot of *actual research* on the MBTI, all of which verify that the test and the outcome are statistically interesting.

The theory built up around it is utterly wrong, there are a billion different competing theories and none have been verified empirically (nor can they be), however the test itself has some strong correlations that are difficult to ignore.

@eel @stephen Oddy-Developed Types (Anna Moss) has three or four books about MBTI types, each page has a handful of citations with the reasoning outlined and explained clearly, I very much recommend it.

@alexandria_ @eel @stephen Would it be better to just focus on the big five instead.

Now wondering if the MBTI is like, a prolonged attempt to avoid admitting that the most salient dimensions of personality can have good ends and bad ends. Like, having low openness or conscientiousness is mainly just bad. As a result, a lot of people wont self-identify with their BF scores, so the meme wont spread.

Btw uh, there's nothing wrong with being a slytherin. They're just, uh, ambitious, and uh, sly.

@faun @alexandria_ @stephen how well does a B5 score compress into a single word? people sure seem fond of writing stuff like "I'm an ENFP if you believe in those online tests," rolls right off the tongue

@eel @alexandria_ @stephen Well you could just reduce it to 5 numbers, or signed bits (high, mid, low). Things like "HHMLH". 243 types instead of 16. I wonder how a person would clump them into houses.

@faun @alexandria_ @stephen slytherin is the edgy goth house so... plus they're not the cop, nerd, or hippie house. durmstrang institute on the other hand doesn't have silly houses, i'd read a book set there. secretive grindelwaldist and antifagician cabals duelling the shit out of each other and cursing their politically charged runes all over campus?

@faun @eel @stephen The Big Five I think is conceptually harder to explain to people because the verbiage isn't particularly well chosen.

The MBTI correlates with it 'well enough' that you can probably use either to be honest.

I'd recommend reading Anna Moss's books, they're free (creative commons) and absolutely fascinating.

@eel I've had the same reaction to it. My type description seems to match me perfectly, but I don't think the test itself is scientifically designed.

@eel yeah! I strongly dislike the quiz test (not situational, self blindness), and deeply suspicious of the theory but if you can type someone correctly (it can be difficult) it seems annoyingly accurate.

It took me months recently (of occasional pondering) to type an ISFP friend - the most extroverted introvert.

@kor @eel The theory is blatantly wrong because for 100 years there have been thousands of competing mutually exclusive explanations of what the MBTI is assessing. Almost everyone who has looked into the topic has their own ideas of what it assesses and describes.

I think it's important to remember that these systems are just lenses to use when you want to simplify your analysis of outcomes and perhaps don't know the people involved too well.

@eel yea, it's mostly a better sign - I only did it once and I got an ENTJ-A "the commander" which basically told me that I am the perfect leader and also a big asshole, which I felt really bad about. I think it's really interesting to do the test multiple times, seeing the different results and learning how much you change over time

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