just out of curiosity, I took a myers-briggs. it doesn't seem scientific but reading about my results felt inspiring. maybe this type indicator stuff is more a form of spirituality?


similar to reading tarot cards we know it's bullshit but can get something out of it anyways.
(fuck astrology though - the idea that a personality gets assigned at birth is pretty bigoted imho)

@eel tarots are good excuses to make pretty illustrations

@eel may I ask why bigoted? I don't believe in it either, but I've never heard someone call it bigoted

@jere well you have no control over which birthsign you get. and then (some) people make wild assumptions about what kind of person you are. it's one of those restrictive "know your place" type concepts, at least that's how I feel about it

@jere thankfully, there is less of a culture of oppression built around it than with other labels that are assigned to you at birth

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