@neauoire not sure i'm liking the new B so far... i often use `.Bw` in my music to bounce between 0 and 32. but with the new C+B pattern that range is limited to 0..18 as far as i can tell.
i'll certainly use old B for the concert in two weeks

@eel @neauoire i was also thinking about that B, it's much faster to replace the C with a B in the old way, but also the new B could be nice to use with something like an euclidean triggered lowercase I

@npisanti @eel I was just thinking about multiplying the b value by 2 actually. I never used the old B over 7 or 9 tho.

@npisanti @eel seems like I was just listening to music that is exactly the same speed as my patch.

@neauoire @eel i think that could be a bit counterintuitive to have it multiplied by 2, and then it would preclude some interesting polyrhytmic things

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