after some months hiatus i've started making music again, sticking to my new-years resolution to log how much time i spend doing it.
preliminary results: a lot

@eel how much does it feel like "work" when you do it? Is it pretty effortless?

I've played music for years but my output has slowed a lot recently. Always feels like I'm pulling teeth to get something done, though I do make (very slow) progress. Visual art comes much easier and that always feels like play.

I don't think I've heard your music before. Do you have a Bandcamp or is there a page on your website? I'll go take a look tonight!

@luxpris well i'm only logging when i sit down on my computer to produce, not when i pick up my guitar or kalimba and absentmindedly improvise some soon forgotten tunes. the latter i do for relaxation, the former is highly enjoyable but exhausting.

@luxpris i've never been good at doing releases, but you can find some examples of my music on soundcloud and youtube. just follow the links on my website

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