@eel I was about to make fun of this before seeing the thumbnails, but it's ... kindda cool? It has a very strong second life vibe.

@neauoire yeah it doesn't seem too bad. graphics are kinda dated, but that could be a plus too. the low-poly art is nice!
i've only seen the spawn area so far, gonna explore deeper with a friend later

@neauoire btw. this one is called Multiverse. there are like 7 other virtual burning men right now haha

@eel @neauoire I know some people who are recreating their BM camp in AltSpace VR, and I can tell you that it made my headset glitch out in fantastic ways

@phooky is it normal that Altspace rooms are limited to like 30 people? or can that be increased for like concerts and stuff

@eel not sure! I've only poked around briefly.

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