Nelson's Canons
A Bill of Information Rights

Dream Machines, page 58
(page 62 in the pdf linked above)

Decision/Creativity Systems [Thinkertoys]
Ted Nelson, 1970
Dream Machines, page 52
(page 56 in the pdf linked above)

Computer Lib / Dream Machines
by Ted Nelson, 1974

(start from the top and scroll down to read Dream Machines, start from the bottom and scroll up to read Computer Lib)

oh hey look what I found ^_^
it's a book explaining how to use P-Lisp.
it even includes a full and commented listing of ELIZA

some crawly crustacean insect thingy...
working with the airbrush tool kinda feels like reaction-diffusion

@neauoire hey I think I need some help getting started. what am I doing wrong here? there is nothing being drawn

having some fun with programming ASM on the c64...
I saw this slick interface of Turbo Macro Pro and just had to try it ^_^

CW: flashing lights!

AirChat... CW: misogyny, SW hate, homophobia 

wtf!!! omg this is amazing 😍
even the little battery aaaah I'm dead ^___^

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