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you know what? frick it! the only colors that exist are #000, and

random-access memory (RAM) for
2 characters per address, with separate read- and write control signals

read-only memory (ROM) for
with 2-character word length and address space, it can store up to 1296 characters

(pretty trivial pattern but I thought I'd share anyways ^_^)

a much more elegant and efficient bus design for
I call it the VBus because it's built around the `V` operator. that `O` in the top reads from the end of the bus and feeds the signal back into it from the top (with a 1-tick delay but what can you do). you can write to the bus by banging a `v`

been working on a multi-lane bus in but it's pretty scuffed. gonna write this off as a failed experiment because the timing is super hard to get right.

excited for my live set tomorrow
at the All My Friends Are Criminalz party in Münster, germany

the shape that is my avatar I call 'the leptoceph', which is also the reason I made it alphatransparent.~
it me, a ghostly eel ~~~:V

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