debugging an ecig. apparently, juice has gotten into one of the wattage select buttons, making it register as pushed down

@neauoire I think these shouldn't be assigned the same colour as the background. you can easily lose track of them like this

ok so I updated from my ancient version of orca, and reimplemented the additive inverse circuit. in fact, I made multiple versions ^_^
I quite like how tight you can build with the new checkerboard-style operators.

second version of the inverse calculator. turns out the more you shrink the ladder, the more if-cases you have to add to the bottom.
first one had 18 adds * 2 cases = 36
this one has 9 adds * 4 cases = 36
this might be the sweet spot for compactness (or maybe 6*6 is?)

calculating the additive inverse in without using lookup tables.
is it more compact? no 😂
is it faster? yes, it computes in 0 ticks (the lookup method has a 1 tick delay)!
is it more elegant? that's subjective...
I have some ideas for making it a bit more compact so I hope this isn't the final form

shopping for a new laptop. those Clevo N141ZU rebrands look pretty dope

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