gonna replace all occurances of "we value your privacy" with "you are meat for our machine"

@joshavanier I like your GTK theme! which is it? reminds me I should continue writing mine

"iso190522 - the system behind my iso plots. Processing code, including the library, Java source code, and examples. Creates PDF files optimized for line plots." by Frederik Vanhoutte (src: twitter.com/wblut/status/11312)
download link: https:/wblut.com/code/iso190522.zip
#processing #creativecoding #java #generative #random #print #mastoart #design #graphicdesign

@ckipp I like zapping all the nonessential elements with uBlock on sites I visit often

note to self: use the theora codec when recording screencasts --- h264 falls apart when you cut it

This song might just have been my favourite track to come out of last year. Played loud it's intense and massive.


@lucaorio malfunctioning hardware spelling out a ghost message

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