here's my vocaloid cover of Nirvana's Come As You Are

Planned obsolecense must be made illegal

@Hellien audacity for editing audio, kdenlive for editing audio/video

@maxdeviant @neauoire a finished patch can be hard to read, but you write it one letter at a time

@s_ol thanks, i'll keep this one in mind in case i need it

thinking about writing a tiny modular sound engine for playing live...

@dualhammers some years ago i had this in-joke about becoming the Best In The World™ at some random shit nobody cares about being good at, inspired by every shonen anime plot ever

The implementation of advertising technology tends to fall under two realms, with little in-between:

- Early 00s-style; malware-esque; 9000 <script> and <iframe>s in a trenchcoat; 'people are gonna love this purple gorilla!'

- 'Sprawl series'-esque, read the resonance frequencies in your brain to send synaptic signals that make you crave Papa Johns

rendering...... failed. try again.
gnnn I wanna upload this already 😵

Music for the Berlin livecoding gig is coming together at last. I was scared I wouldn't be able to really get a hang of sunvox before then, but I think I pretty much figured it out now.

@dym I'd say a marathon is premeditated while binging is caused (at least in part) by addiction

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