@danny this picture was taken somewhere in eastern germany

ok nerds here is a draft of this essay

> # Comparative Considerations Regarding Distributed Software Architectures

> Together we are strong. Knowing this, how can we write good software?


here i am test driving Cannon Beach, my PO-20 pocket operator. i love her and am v excited to fill the house with lightning and shouting

ORCΛ bytebeat

wire MIDI CC value directly to audio output device (normalized to -1..1)

controlling the frequency by BPM. set the BPM above 10000 to get it into audio range.

(bad quality due to having to run OBS and JACK at the same time to record it, and none of this stuff was designed to do this, haha)

Just a reminder: taking care of (and repairing) your electronics is a great way of making them last longer.

Latest in the Linux phone adventures. The Nokia N900 running postmarketOS! Very cool!

Make software lighter so that we can buy “weaker” more affordable computers.

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus seems sensible. though, i still question why orca-js doesn't just use the full 0..Z resolution for velocity

ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch mntre.com/media/reform_md/2020

@roadkillcobra eeek, thank you <3 <3 <3
i feel so blessed to know you

@cblgh i converted all my tabs to bookmarks this morning

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