Let's put the "Spaceships in space" in my URL to good use

Here's a fun EVE Online story from a while back about flying the wrong ship on the wrong fleet


@gaeel I'd like so see what happens when if you plug your olegtron into this :>

@gaeel "*Disclaimer: Do not read any further"
alright then, I'm gonna take your word for it then and bookmark, fave, and boost without reading it first

@eel makes electronic / noise music. Their website is here: eelfroth.com

and soundcloud is here: soundcloud.com/eelfroth

@s_ol ah, nice!
I also like how it can be used as a interpreter/JIT-runtime but also generate object code. that's something I've dreamed about having for a while now^^

@neauoire I have long suspected spreadsheets are really good in principle, but I haven't used them much because the user interfaces we have for them feel so bad

it's implemented by specifying new abbreviations for
- infix expressions: {a + b} => (+ a b)
- modern expressions: f(x) => (f x)
- sweet expressions: deduce parentheses from indentation


Sweet-Expressions, or the Readable Lisp S-Expression Project, looks like a pretty good solution to the parentheses problem. it adds readability to Lisp's syntax while keeping it generic and homoiconic


@neauoire (but actually I still root for some version of my microcode proposal with [x,y] cell-accessors and C-style math)

I don't what you call this reverse-nerd-shame, but I've never really read manga at all. I know. Aghast.

hit me with your recommendations pls

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