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re: my brain is melting 

my brain is melting 

For whoever this is relevant to, an extremely fun archive of noise/experimental tapes and whatnot collected by radio station DJs

‪did you know? NXP already has a RISC-V chip, RV32M1 (it also has an ARM M4F and M0 core)‬

looking at this code, it's obvious that it was never meant to be seen by anyone lol

by the request of a commenter on youtube, I uploaded the source code for some gameboy-styled audio-reactive visuals I made back in 2016

4. why so fatalistic, where’s the hacker spirit in 2019

🔥"Stop obsessing over your environmental “sins.” Fight the oil and gas industry instead."

ended up at a techno party on some amsterdam rooftop :)

started tracking my grocery shopping.
my flatmates and I want to make the move to a sort of single-payer food supply for ourselves

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