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"[social network], but without the nazis" aka.:
so far the nazis haven't logged on

try this instead:
[social network], but with structures in place to prevent the use by nazis and other hate groups

also, how do I distinguish between "I didn't create any output that day" and "I did but I forgot to log it"

accidentally lost some log entries due to a fuckup in migrating to a new laptop.
I need to find a more reliable solution

(_ gap after "computing" because i don't mean calculating but, like, doing all-purpose-machine stuff)

"general purpose microprocessor designed specifically to be used in parallel computing systems. The goal was to produce a family of chips ranging in power and cost that could be wired together to form a complete parallel computer."

I guess it figures that reactionaries want to go back to when "things were right" even though they fricking weren't.
When I look at thinkers and inventors of the past, I don't want to recreate their situation. rather, I'd like to learn from their foresight, and have it motivate me to create a future that is better than what is and what was

I'm sorry that this is in response to a fash's post, but sometimes you need to see the face of what you reject in order to find words for it I guess

thread about "reactionary" vs. "revolutionary" software engineering:

tl;dr both want better software but for very different reasons

What's the best syntax for lambdas that's ever been in a lisplike?

I want to see (a b| a + b). It would be rivaled in brevity only by rust's |a, b|{a + b}. Way cuter.

Solar panels are on the van! One step closer to setting off and leaving the grid behind, hopefully for good

@sebastian I don't think there is a time to go back to when things were "better"—things were various levels of terrible all throughout history, going back in time is just going to erase the progress we've made so far.

FOSS - Politics 

@eel this is like the opposite to an inconvenience. Makes this instance much better and more motivating that all the other social networks I've tried 😄

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