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it's the same sample, with 5 different settings, can't stop listening to it

I have nothing better to say so I'm just going to post international shipping again >;3c

an executable graphics demo in 4 kilobytes!

My dream is to create a massively multiplayer unleashed sandbox game with permadeath where players work together to build strongholds with player run shops and policing systems

We're thinking about making oquonie free for ever, and add a little donation box, in-game, inside a replica of our home on a boat.

   / ̄ ̄\ ムシャムシャ
  /  ●/ ̄ ̄\
  /   ト、  \
 彳   \\  |
`/   /⌒ヽヽ |
/    |  | | /.
    |  ヽ|/∴

オエーー!!!! ___
    ___/   ヽ
   /  / /⌒ヽ|
  / (゚)/ / /
  /   ト、/。⌒ヽ。
 彳   \\゚。∴。o
`/    \\。゚。o
/     /⌒\U∴)
     |  ゙U|
     |   ||

modular synth where you define the patching by literally applying a patch to the C code and recompiling.
no cycles wasted on dynamic (dis)patch :D

programming question 

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