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working on my new project using C99 + GTK, didn't start styling it yet but I'm impressed with how easy it is to use GTK

I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet I don't have free time yet

(i used the web browser as a sample here to test my initial assumptions, because it's always high up in my cpu usage statistics and i'd expect power draw to go down when i increase cpu idle time)

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analyzing my laptop's power consumption in relation to the software it's running. initial tests suggest that closing firefox reduces the battery discharge rate from around 7.3W to 5.8W (on my intel i7 running ubuntu), which makes me confident that a lot could be gained from more resource efficient software

My little project Manifest (as it's now called) is now live at

A few loose ends to tie up but right now you can:

🗒️ Create as many notes as you want.
🧮 Snap and resize on a uniform grid.
🌐 All data is stored locally.

Source at

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Alright, one more piece before I'm off to bed. I'm having a lot of fun playing with these tunnel-like structures.

and hey, I did log the time i doodled this. even though i was just being silly. one gold star for me ⭐

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"The best way to trick yourself into learning a new habit is to burn the bridges. If the old habit is not an option, you’ll be forced to learn a new one instead."

my android phone just advised me to reboot it because it has been running for more than 7 days.

eye contact 

hello everyone made a video with my big time crush @roadkillcobra

@liaizon first track made in #renoise and the breakdown at the end incorporates #orcλ 👁

Tested and added explicit support for the tcc compiler to orca-c. Builds in 40 milliseconds.

its going around again.. the bass gets louder.. the screaming more dissonant..
its that time
to remind you that bequa @eel and i made some catchy and tragic music which is free download enabled with lyrics on each track page so you can follow along at home. enjoy
thanku 🐍

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