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started collecting my aquafaba (water in which chickpeas were boiled). i heard it has some neat egg-like properties

In #Sweden there are tiny mushrooms that grow on pine needles and cones

I bought a dice today to bring some more chaos and serendipity into my day to day life choices. Surprisingly the thing feels incredibly magic, it emanates a child-like fascination and I experience it more as a sophisticated chance machine than a cheap trinket, how cool!

@dualhammers "Prolechariot Driver" was a good name, just now seeing it <3

Started to scratch at the Donsol physical release project, here's @rek's gorgeous label art.

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added whisperlinks to cabal. whisperlinks are user defined, shortlived, shortname aliases for a cabal key, syncable over LAN as well as the internet. it's a concept i made up in order to make cabal wayyy more practical in shared physical settings, like cohacking in a hackerspace, or just holding a workshop


It feels kind of disengenous to make music in 2020.

It feels more honest to reach into the inner workings of abstract or physical audio processing equipment and twist them until they explode and scream in peaceful harmony with my inner state of mind.

stumbling around in blender trying to make an animated version of a picture

@peregrine browser wise, I am starting to think we need to leave the modern browser to the commercial applications, and build our own minimal html only web for people that still care

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