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Is anyone going to do #noisevember?

Huzzah! I figured out how to change the color palettes of background tiles!

I had to move the order board around a bit to split up the orders' ingredients in such a way that I can color them independently, because you can only change the color palettes for 16x16 pixel squares.

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Alternative output device,
the interpreter now generates json files in the format used by my AxiDraw driver.

The "save" at the bottom looks weird because the lower part is getting clipped.

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Friend of mine just turned me on to Goods For The People, a worker-owned clothing storefront dedicated to bringing revolutionary politics back into counterculture and streetwear. Check them out.

everyone with access to a pinter can simply print out the yugioh cards they need for playing with friends

@neauoire @eel @paul looking and sounding amazing. Thanks everybody for your help!

"He was a hard shrewd jovial politician, whose acts of kindness served his interest and whose interest was himself. His type is panhuman. I had met him on Earth, and on Hain, and on Ollul. I expect to meet him in Hell."
— The Left Hand of Darkness (Ursula K. Le Guin)

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